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Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Wolowitz play another round of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. Bazinga! Thu 9 p.m. ET on CBS

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  • Episode 11 | Aired Dec 8 Bully for Leonard Leonard deals with his one-time high school tormentor, while Penny copes with her own bullying past Comments + Latest Recap
  • Episode 10 | Aired Nov 17 The Girlfriend Experience After Amy goes on a date with another man, Sheldon takes their relationship to a bold new level. For him, anyway Comments +
  • Episode 09 | Aired Nov 10 The Birds and the Totally Platonic Bees Leonard and Penny explore the boundaries of a friendship with no benefits, and Sheldon fends off a feathered fiend Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Nov 3 Chasing Amy Amy feels shunned by Penny and Bernadette, and, naturally, turns to Sheldon for solace Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired Oct 27 Fright Might Leonard flirts with a superhot comic-book artist, and Sheldon discovers he's woefully inept at scaring other people Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Oct 20 Mama's Boy oh Boy Sheldon's mom (Laurie Metcalf) pays a visit to the 'Big Bang' bunch, and the Sheldon, and the show, regress Comments +

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