After 15 years of darkness, an unlikely group sets out to save the world Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC

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  • Episode 15 | Aired Apr 29 Homecoming As the Georgia Federation’s offensive against the Monroe Republic begins, Miles, Monroe, and Aaron all face their past Comments + Latest Recap
  • Episode 14 | Aired Apr 22 This Sucker is Nuclear Miles, Charlie, and Nora trek into The Georgia Federation, while Rachel visits an old friend who reveals more about the nature of the blackout Comments +
  • Episode 12 | Aired Apr 1 Randall's Power Play While the rebels recover from their latest loss, Randall helps Monroe track down more pendants Comments +
  • Episode 11 | Aired Mar 25 Amped Up The Matheson family, reunited, face the Monroe Militia's new firepower Comments +
  • Episode 10 | Aired Nov 26 My Brother's Keeper A family is reunited, a brotherhood is tested and power is gained Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Nov 12 Betrayal It's an unexpected family reunion for Nora and a victory for General Monroe Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired Nov 5 The Lost Boys A mission to save a child sends Charlie on another dangerous, undercover mission; flashbacks reveal an inkling of answers about what caused the blackout Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Oct 29 Just Fun and Games Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron all deal with difficult choices when faced with a man from Miles' past Comments +
  • Episode 05 | Aired Oct 15 Toughen Up, Son Charlie and Miles catch up to Danny in Noblesville; flashbacks reveal what Capt. Neville was doing the night of the blackout Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired Oct 8 Winds of Change A tornado delays Neville and his men, while an encounter with a pack of dogs turns deadly Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Oct 1 The Birth of a Militia A militia attack on the rebels reunites Miles Matheson and a onetime friend, who exposes Miles’ dark past  Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Sep 24 Not Just Another Monday Charlie and Miles debate the right time to kill a man, and things are not quite as they seem with Rachel Matheson Comments +
  • Episode 01 | Aired Sep 17 Let There Be Darkness Electricity the world over ceases to work, a quest begins, and mysteries abound Comments +

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