Diana Gabaldon's genre-bending time travel novel series comes to life in Starz's series. Saturday on Starz

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  • Episode 08 | Aired Sep 27 'Both Sides Now' Frank realizes the futility of his search for Claire, who has another unfortunate run-in with ancestor Black Jack. Comments + Latest Recap
  • Episode 07 | Aired Sep 20 'The Wedding' Claire and Jamie make it official (and very NSFW). Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Sep 13 'The Garrison Commander' Claire and Black Jack go toe-to-toe; Dougal has an intriguing proposal. Comments +
  • Episode 05 | Aired Sep 6 'Rent' Claire kisses Castle Leoch goodbye (for now) and must decide how much of the future she'll let seep into the past. Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired Aug 30 'The Gathering' Jamie's faced with a no-win situation while Claire plots her escape from Castle Leoch. Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Aug 23 'The Way Out' Claire gets a lesson (or two) in 18th-century superstitions and customs. Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Aug 16 'Castle Leoch' Claire shrugs off her 20th-century shift in favor of an 18th-century corset; Jamie reveals a few secrets of his own. Comments +
  • Episode 01 | Aired Aug 9 'Sassenach' Former WWII combat nurse Claire Randall is transported back in time to 18th-century Scotland. Comments +

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