Inspired by the 1996 Coen brothers film, ‘Fargo’ is a “true crime” story set in small-town Minnesota. A chance meeting between mild-mannered insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) and drifter Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) sets into motion a series of dark events that involves murder, blackmail, and the mob. Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX

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  • Episode 10 | Aired Jun 17 Is This What You Want? Molly and the FBI use Lester as bait to draw out Malvo, while Gus works on a hunch. Comments + Latest Recap
  • Episode 09 | Aired Jun 10 The Making of a Monster Lester crosses Malvo's path once again, while a new investigation leads Molly to familiar questions. Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Jun 3 Time Flies When You're Having Fun Molly, Lester, Malvo, and those around them attempt to move on from the murders in surprising ways. Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired May 27 And Out Come the Wolves Lester's heartless plan is set in motion while Malvo seeks revenge and Key and Peele make their debut. Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired May 20 Storm of the Century Malvo's plan results in unexpected consequences while Lester hatches a devious scheme of his own. Comments +
  • Episode 05 | Aired May 13 Raised by Wolves Lester's close call leads to a break for Molly, while Grimly gets caught up in Malvo's plan, which is nearly complete. Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired May 6 The One That Got Away Gus and Molly think they have a break in the case, Numbers and Wrench think they have their man, and Malvo thinks he can outsmart everyone. Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Apr 29 Conning the Cons Molly's "naked fella" investigation turns up a surprising clue, Lester's return to work leads to more trouble, Malvo gets into the blackmail game, and Gus comes clean Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Apr 22 Everything happens for a reason Molly begins to suspect Lester is involved with the murders, while the Fargo muscle arrives in Bemidji to start an investigation of their own. Malvo takes on a new client: the Supermarket King of Minnesota. Comments +

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