The Blacklist

James Spader returns as Raymond 'Red' Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI. Mon. at 10 p.m. ET on NBC

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  • Episode 22 | Aired May 12 One Final Bloodbath One major character's dead, two are critically injured -- but Liz and Red finally find out who Berlin is Comments +
  • Episode 21 | Aired May 5 That's How Blackmail Works, Sweetheart Who is Berlin and why is Reddington so afraid of him? We're about to find out because he's just landed stateside. Comments +
  • Episode 20 | Aired Apr 28 You're A Monster The Kingmaker stages politically-minded deaths, causing trouble for Reddington, while Liz discovers the truth about her father's end Comments +
  • Episode 19 | Aired Apr 21 'I think she's having troubles at home' Liz Keen finally confronts Tom about being a spy, and by confronts, we mean tortures Comments +
  • Episode 18 | Aired Mar 31 A Round of Sudden Death Tom and Liz renew their wedding vows, but there is nothing romantic about this marriage of spy convenience. Meanwhile, a dying man plots murder-suicide. Comments +
  • Episode 17 | Aired Mar 24 Where Curiosity Inevitably Kills the Cat The cat's out of the bag on Tom's deception and Jolene's secret identity, meanwhile a young boy tries to impress his crush with a cyber-weapon. Comments +
  • Episode 16 | Aired Mar 17 Bring Me His Head in a Box Tom Keen gets crazy and Agent Ressler gets rampage-y on the hunt for Yakuza druglord Mako Tanida Comments +
  • Episode 15 | Aired Mar 3 Jolene, Jolene This week's Blacklister seeks justice for those who are innocent, while Tom and Jolene turn out to be pretty guilty. Comments +
  • Episode 14 | Aired Feb 24 To Catch a Thief Madeline Pratt enlists Red to help her with some Indiana Jones plot to steal an Egyptian relic Comments +
  • Episode 13 | Aired Jan 27 Lovely Little Ironies Lizzie and the team try to track down a sick little adoption operation while Red continues to play One Mole, Two Mole, Red Mole, Blue Mole Comments +
  • Episode 12 | Aired Jan 20 Attractive But Treacherous Lizzie and the team deal in some questionable science and Red finds his mole Comments +
  • Episode 11 | Aired Jan 13 Let's Get Biblical The parable of the Good Samaritan and a little Revelations from Johnny Cash define this episode, but not quite as much as Red killing everybody Comments +

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