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Chris Harrison hosts the veteran reality romance series. Will you accept this rose? Mon on ABC

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  • Episode 09 | Aired Mar 2 This is (Not) Your Wife It really was the most shocking finale ever, as Jason, the biggest tool in ''Bachelor'' history, breaks the land-speed record for relationship flameouts by dumping Melissa ''After the Final Rose'' Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Feb 23 Sex, Lies, and Videotape On 'The Women Tell All,' Jason has to come clean about his multiple hookups, the ''ladies'' try to explain away their bad behavior, and Jillian, the woman destined to be the next Bachelorette, feels the audience's love Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired Feb 16 Fantasy Island It's fantasy suite time! After bungee jumping, sailing, and enjoying a scenic helicopter ride in New Zealand, Jason takes the ''ladies'' for a test-drive during their overnight dates Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Feb 9 Relative Chaos On the all-important hometown dates, Jason meets his potential in-laws, and comes face to face with a wide variety of wacky family dysfunction in the form of funny hats, a dead bird in a bag, and one randy Canadian granny Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired Jan 26 Playing Doctor Molly's overnight camping date with Jason makes the ''ladies'' jealous, and a make-out-heavy visit to the ''General Hospital'' set turns into a real-life soap opera Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Jan 19 The Naked Truth Jason spends topless time with the ''ladies'' for breast cancer awareness, plays surrogate daddy to Stephanie's daughter, and tries to determine which bachelorettes are actually Mean Girls Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Jan 12 Date Expectations The ''ladies'' compete for time with Jason, while Raquel stages a sneak attack on his limo, Molly goes in for the kill, and Melissa is dissed by a blimp Comments +
  • Episode 01 | Aired Jan 5 Hello, My Name is Desperate Jason Mesnick's ''journey'' toward true love begins with 25 bachelorettes who have a lot to offer, including terrible poetry, weird theories involving pork, and charming stalker-like tendencies Comments +
  • Episode | Aired Feb 2 Clueless in Seattle The ''ladies'' take a trip to Jason's hometown to get a preview of what life as Mrs. Jason Mesnick would be like. Turns out it involves rock climbing, cleaning up cold pizza, and sex talk on the radio. Comments +

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