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  • Episode 22 | Aired May 16 The Scarlet 'O' Olivia is visited by a figure from her past; David Rosen makes a choice that changes history Comments +
  • Episode 21 | Aired May 9 All the President's Moles Olivia helps Fitz makes a big decision regarding his bid for re-election; the mole's identity is revealed Comments +
  • Episode 20 | Aired May 2 The Mellie Missile Crisis Olivia confronts Fitz; Mellie threatens to go public with the separation; The Gladiators investigate Charlie Comments +
  • Episode 19 | Aired Apr 25 Another Chance An extended flashback reveals Huck's origin story; Olivia and President Grant argue in the hospital Comments +
  • Episode 18 | Aired Apr 4 Black Huck Down Olivia spends the night with Jake; Fitz and Mellie tell the story of their first date Comments +
  • Episode 17 | Aired Mar 28 The Severed Ear Olivia Pope takes on Hollis Doyle as a client; Cyrus does some digging into Fitz's past Comments +
  • Episode 16 | Aired Mar 21 SCOTUS Erectus President Grant makes an attempt to rescue the Kashfari hostages; Olivia takes the side of a Supreme Court nominee's mistress Comments +
  • Episode 15 | Aired Feb 21 This Isn't Personal Olivia takes on a new case, and Fitz continues to deal with the hostage crisis and mole situation Comments +
  • Episode 14 | Aired Feb 14 Mr. President, We Have a Mole Olivia helps David Rosen with a bloody situation; Fitz deals with a hostage crisis Comments +
  • Episode 13 | Aired Feb 7 We're In This Together Fitz learns the truth about his Presidency, and Olivia figures out who was behind the assassination attempt Comments +
  • Episode 12 | Aired Jan 31 The Lesser Evil Hollis Doyle is subjected to an investigation, Olivia begins to regret her ethical breaches, and Mellie goes to desperate measures to get Fitz back Comments +
  • Episode 11 | Aired Jan 17 A Divorce, a Proposal, and a Conspiracy Olivia's involvement in rigging the election gets an origin story, and Fitz struggles to resume his Presidency post-coma Comments +
  • Episode 10 | Aired Jan 10 Enemies of the State David challenges the decision to torture Huck, while Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie scheme to keep Fitz's Presidency intact Comments +

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