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Jon Hamm stars as Don Draper in the Emmy-winning '60s-set drama Sun 10 p.m. ET on AMC

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  • Episode 13 | Aired Oct 26 Crisis Management The Cuban Missile Crisis looms, but it's Peggy who drops the real bomb in the season finale Comments +
  • Episode 12 | Aired Oct 19 Family Ties Don/Dick reminisces with an old friend, while Joan loses all illusions about the man of her dreams Comments +
  • Episode 10 | Aired Oct 5 All in the Family Betty deals with the fact that neither the family she grew up in nor the one she's created is doing very well, and Pete might be a step closer to starting his own family Comments +
  • Episode 09 | Aired Sep 28 Candle in the Wind The death of an icon hovers over the ad men and women as a career and a marriage come to an end Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Sep 14 Husband and Strife Betty struggles to come to terms with Don's infidelity, while Joan briefly escapes her little box Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired Sep 7 The Coup de Grace Don trades up in cars but gets a dressing down from Jimmy, while Sal develops an office crush, and Roger steamrolls over Joan to lend a hand to Jane Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Aug 31 Who Am I? While Peggy tries to find her place in the office world, it's Don's business outside the office that causes him distress Comments +
  • Episode 05 | Aired Aug 24 Surviving Accidents When Don is arrested for drunk driving after crashing his car with Bobbie, Peggy comes to the rescue, recalling the moment when he helped her walk away from her child Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired Aug 17 Down Easter Over the course of three Sundays in Lent, Peggy's sister tells her secret, Sterling Cooper fails to land the big airline account, and Don is forced to tell Betty a truth about his past Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Aug 10 Button-Down Flirt Don and Betty have close encounters of the extramarital kind, but she gets weepy at the thought of being part of his 'team' Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Aug 3 Baby/Daddy Peggy is forced to spend time with her family and her child; meanwhile, after Pete learns that his father died in an airplane crash, he uses the tragedy to advance his career Comments +
  • Episode 01 | Aired Jul 27 '62 Pick Up The second season starts up two years later, with Don feeling old, Betty getting edgier, and Peggy pulling rank Comments +

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