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  • Episode 21 | Aired Nov 27 Helio Gets the Checkered Flag The choice between the final three comes down to performance vs. technique and talent vs. fan base; and Marie Osmond comes in last (phew!); plus, Cameron Mathison strips! Comments +
  • Episode 20 | Aired Nov 26 A Raggedy Night In perhaps the lamest final performance show in the series' history, the celebs give generally mediocre performances, except for Marie's especially bad doll routine Comments +
  • Episode 19 | Aired Nov 20 Party's Over, Garth Jennie and Derek go home; meanwhile Sabrina comes back for another star turn, Michael Flatley stomps around, and Kenny Mayne takes his last shots Comments +
  • Episode 18 | Aired Nov 19 Thirtysomething In the semifinals, each of the four contestants gets at least one 10, and Mel B. and Helio are perfect; plus, Len shows them all how it's done Comments +
  • Episode 17 | Aired Nov 13 The Most Undramatic Elimination Ever Though Marie Osmond dodged another bullet, Cameron Mathison went home quietly; plus, Gloria Estefan sang, and everyone talked about the secret to the dancers' success Comments +
  • Episode 16 | Aired Nov 12 The Stars Strike Back Helio kisses Julianne! Richard Simmons coaches Jennie Garth! The series proves you don't need writers to create contrived moments Comments +
  • Episode 15 | Aired Nov 6 Who's Minding the Score? The six remaining teams perform two songs each, but the judges make sure that their ratings come out virtually even Comments +
  • Episode 14 | Aired Nov 5 Class Dismissed As LeAnn Rimes sings and Kenny Mayne mocks the entire process, Jane Seymour, the season's most elegant performer, goes home Comments +
  • Episode 13 | Aired Oct 30 Cheetahs Never Prosper With everyone expecting Marie Osmond or Jane Seymour to leave, Sabrina Bryan and Cameron Mathison are in the bottom two, and Sabrina goes home Comments +
  • Episode 12 | Aired Oct 29 Spice on Top Mel B. rumbas to a perfect score, while Cheetah Girl Sabrina slows down and Marie Osmond at least manages to stay upright; plus, all the stars simulate lovemaking together Comments +
  • Episode 11 | Aired Oct 23 Off the Mark The little billionaire that couldn't, Mark Cuban, makes his long-awaited exit, but at least Jennifer Lopez is there to provide star power Comments +
  • Episode 10 | Aired Oct 22 Marie Osmond's Samba Moment The entertainer faints and falls to the floor -- liiiive! -- during the judges comments; otherwise, Latin night is pretty much by the rumbas Comments +
  • Episode 09 | Aired Oct 16 Ring Toss Boxer Floyd Mayweather gets eliminated in an episode featuring a Gloria Estefan no-show, a Wayne Newton comeback, and a Wade Robson whatchamacallit Comments +
  • Episode 08 | Aired Oct 15 Lift Turn Although the dancers' scores keep rising (and Sabrina gets a 30!), the show is suddenly all about Carrie Ann's obsession with one rule Comments +
  • Episode 07 | Aired Oct 9 Party Over, Wayne Wayne Newton makes a most excellent exit; meanwhile, Drew Lachey ends his co-hosting duties, and we learn the secrets of the show's music Comments +
  • Episode 06 | Aired Oct 8 She Jives Me Crazy The women come back, taking the top five spots, while the men give some of their worst performances yet Comments +
  • Episode 05 | Aired Oct 2 Hips Don't Win Wayne Newton and Mark Cuban got more votes than the pelvically gifted Albert Reed Comments +
  • Episode 04 | Aired Oct 1 Fringe Benefits What we learned from last night's mambo-flavored episode: Helio Castroneves has a Latin background. The only thing Cuban about Mark is his last name. And DWTS dancers are BFFs for fans of feathered fringe Comments +
  • Episode 03 | Aired Sep 26 Photo Finish On the ''Dancing With the Stars'' results show, model Josie Maran, who evidently should have stuck with still photography, is the first to go; fortunately, Kenny Mayne lightened things up Comments +
  • Episode 02 | Aired Sep 25 Boys Night Ouch Except for Helio Castroneves' surprising debut, the men's first performances on ''Dancing With the Stars'' had their share of painful moments Comments +
  • Episode 01 | Aired Sep 24 Dancing Girls For the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, the female celebrities perform first, with the Cheetah, Spice Girls and a Medicine Woman coming out on top Comments +

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