Grey's Anatomy recap: We're All In This Alone

The doctors pull an all-nighter, and the winner of the Harper Avery Award is announced
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 17, 2014

A PRECISE YANK. Jo (Camilla Luddington) pulls scissors out of a patient's head as Derek (Patrick Dempsey) supervises and weaker interns Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) and Leah (Tessa Ferrer) look on.

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However, Jackson and April had a pretty bad all-nighter themselves. After parents of their patient decided that they didn't want to give their deaf child a hearing implant, Jackson and April found themselves disagreeing on some pretty huge issues. First, they argued about their own hypothetical deaf child and whether he/she would get the implant, and then that rolled into what was really bothering April: Jackson judged people, and he therefore judged her for her religion. She explained how her faith defines her, but he made the wrong move when he responded with how he loves her still. I cringed at this point, knowing what was coming next.

April yelled about how he loves her despite the thing that she holds above everything else. He doesn't accept her. He tolerates her and he judges her. Pushed to the brink by April's yelling, Jackson finally admitted that he thinks her beliefs are ridiculous. And then he said the one thing that will haunt them forever: That God is not real. She responded by saying that she pities him and how he can't believe in things that he can't touch. By argument's end, both of them were crying. And by night's end, she was sleeping at Callie and Arizona's.

Speaking of Callie and Arizona, they too came to a significant decision tonight: That Callie would carry their next child. Arizona contemplated it for about 15 or so minutes, and they almost flipped a coin for the womb rights, but Arizona backed out at the last second. She didn't want to do it, and Callie did. It was my favorite fight of theirs, probably because it was over by episode's end, but their hugging was interrupted by baby Bailey crying in the next room.

So, with the kids sort-of sleeping at Calzona's, Derek spent his night doing a little bit of everything. He pulled the residents away from their karaoke night for a 1:30 a.m. surgery and a whole lot of learning. Well, everyone but Ben, who fell asleep. Sorry, Gramps.

First up, Derek taught the residents a procedure on some poor guy who'd just died moments earlier in the E.R. -- is that legal? Then, there was the guy who somehow had scissors jammed into the front of his head. We didn't find out how they got in there, but we know how they got out -- Jo used her Lady Hulk strength to save the day. And the final step of the night was another surgery, in which Jo proved to be too much of a show-off just as Leah proved to be too much of a screw-up. After sort of jamming something into the patient's brain, Derek dismissed Leah from helping. Luckily, she didn't screw anything up, which made this a classic Grey's teaching moment. Is anyone else hoping that instead of learning, Leah turns and runs?

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