The Walking Dead recap: How to Make Friends, the Merle Dixon Way!

Merle hunts Michonne and Andrea gets closer to the Governor. Meanwhile, Destiny is calling Rick. Will he accept the charges?
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 18, 2012

WHY HELLO THERE Man. Myth. Merle.

Back at the prison, Merle's brother Daryl took Carl on a mission to clear out the rest of the prison's tunnels. But Daryl really wanted to talk to Carl. He told the kid a story about Mama Dixon. "She liked her wine, and she liked to smoke in bed," said Daryl. "Virginia Slims." Daryl told a sad and soulful story about being a little kid -- the only one in the neighborhood who couldn't afford a bicycle, which meant he was the last person to arrive when his house burned down with his mother inside. "My mom in bed, burnt down to nothing," he said, his grim and sad and bruised Norman Reedus eyes staring through time at some distant frontier. "It made it seem like she wasn't real, y'know?" This speech rates as a 8 out of 10 on our Daryl Motherf---ing Dixon Swoon-o-Meter, which means that an estimated 6 million Walking Dead viewers fainted and shared the same dream about a man with a crossbow and a wardrobe of sleeveless shirts.

Speaking of swooning! Back at Woodbury, the Governor treated Andrea to a drink in his lovely garden. She admitted that she actually liked the fights quite a bit. She's an adrenaline junkie -- how can you not be, in a world where you're allowed to do whatever you want to do? They talked, and the Governor made a revealing comment: He noted that, pre-zombocalypse, "I wasn't particularly proud of my car, my house, or my job." He implied that there was one thing that did make him proud -- maybe his daughter, or his whole happy family. (ASIDE: I like how, in a weird way, the show is making it seem like The Governor used to be a totally normal guy: Boring job, normal-sized house in the suburbs. It's a striking contrast to Rick, who has always been fairly explicitly painted as a hero: Before the zombies came, he was a policeman whose biggest character fault was that he was just too darn good. END OF ASIDE.)

The two of them bonded over their shared love of killing zombies. "It's part of being alive," said the Governor. And, crucially, the Governor thinks that the ability to enjoy killing zombies -- to truly want to be violent -- is a skill that most people don't have. "That's why there's a hell of a lot more of them than us," he said. Humanity didn't die because the zombies attacked; humanity died because most people were too weak to fight back. Andrea kissed him, finally proving that she has a "type" and that type is Charming Militaristic God-Complex War Hawk.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie made a run to a supermarket to get some baby formula. As fate would have it, Michonne was passing by that very market at that moment. She didn't show herself. She's learned to be skeptical of people, although the fact that Glenn and Maggie didn't read "totalitarian sociopath" made it seem like she might actually approach them. But as double fate would have it, Merle appeared. Everyone pulled guns on each other. Merle recognized Glenn, and asked if his brother was still alive. "Take me to him, and I'll call it even," said Merle. (This is another weird complicating factor in the Merle equation: Occasionally, it seems like the only thing he really cares about is finding Daryl, which should make their relationship a linchpin of the show, but we've never actually seen them together.) Merle managed to get a gun pointed straight at Maggie's face and told Glenn that he needed to drive them somewhere.

NEXT: I come bearing baby formula.

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