The Walking Dead recap: Die Ugly

Andrea pays a visit to her old friends. They aren't too happy to see her.
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 24, 2013

FARMER'S DAUGHTER Like Rick and The Governor, Maggie is actually played by a British person. But it's interesting to point out that almost nobody from the Walking Dead cast is actually from the South. The few exceptions are Scott Wilson (Atlanta), Chandler Riggs (Atlanta), Melissa McBride (Lexington), sorta Norman Reedus (Florida, but he moved to LA when he was like 1), and definitely Michael Rooker (who is rumored to have actually fought in the War Between the States)

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Andrea wanted to say hello to L'il Asskicker before she left. While she cradled Baby Grimes in her hands, she asked Carol: "What happened to Shane?" "Rick killed him," said Carol. Andrea couldn't understand; Shane loved Rick, didn't he? I really wish that, when Andrea asked that, Merle had suddenly appeared and screamed, "You're out of your element, Andrea! Shane is not the issue here!" But no. Instead, Andrea kept talking. She said Rick was becoming cold, unsteady. Carol had some advice for Andrea, girl to girl, regarding the Governor: "You need to sleep with him. Give him the greatest night of his life. Then, when he's sleeping, you can end this." (Y'know, just a couple gals talkin' about guy trouble.)

It was time for Andrea to go. This was a good reminder that the Grimes Gang hasn't gone full barbarian. They gave her a car; they gave her back her weapons; Rick handed her a knife and said, "Be careful." Back at Woodbury, Andrea had a long talk with the Governor. She told him that her old friends were broken, "Living in horrible conditions." The Governor asked her why she'd come back, and then answered his own question: "'Cause you belong here." Then they totally started mwaking out.

Back at the Superfriend Cellblock, the Grimes Gang lurked around a dying fire. Beth decided that it had been a full ten episodes since she serenaded everyone. So she started singing a little song -- I believe it was "Hold On" by Tom Waits. It was an awful pretty song. Rick whispered a message to Daryl and Hershel. He was going on a run. He was going to bring Michonne -- might as well see if she's trustworthy. And he was going to bring Carl: "he's ready."

Meanwhile, over in Woodbury, Naked Andrea got out of bed. She grabbed the knife. She held it over the Governor's head. Now, I wasn't really expecting her to kill him. What I was expecting/hoping for was that she'd try to kill him, and the Governor would reveal himself to be A) awake, and B) holding a gun. But now -- Andrea just held the knife up, seemed to really consider the meaning of existence for awhile, and then put the knife away. (I want to give the show credit -- it didn't do the expected shot of Andrea walking away and the Governor suddenly revealing he was awake all along. But by not doing that, it gave the impression that the Governor was actually totally comfortable sleeping next to somebody who would absolutely be a candidate to assassinate him -- not exactly a smart move for a military dictator.) And so it was that Andrea started the episode useless and ended the episode useless.

Am I being too harsh on Andrea, gang? Does anyone out there want to make an argument for her not being one of the least interesting people on the show? Also, what did you think of the rest of this episode? It was relatively action-free, but I thought the show finally created a nice sense of simmering tension -- the scenes at the prison really did feel like a squad in the trenches, unsure if they could survive the upcoming battle. Also, what do you think of the Governor's eyepatch? Would you describe it as Plissken-esque, Chang-ish, or von Stauffenberg-worthy?

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