The Walking Dead recap: Torn Apart by Teeth or Bullets

Rick is haunted by yet another ghost from the past. But this ghost isn't dead yet. (OR IS IT?) (No.)
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 3, 2013

ERRAND OF MERCY I don't usually go in for "shipping," the process of lustfully hoping that two characters on a show will hook up. But am I the only one who kinda wants to see Rick and Michonne get together? They're both clearly brutally damaged PTSD victims dealing with the zombie apocalypse in their own way -- Rick by developing a God Complex and trying to protect everyone, Michonne by shutting out everyone else and focusing on her own well-being. It would be like if a cowboy hooked up with a samurai. In other news, I'm pitching Cowboy Loves Samurai as a reality series to A&E.

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Carl wanted to give his baby sister something to remember their dearly departed mother. So he went to what looked like the Grimes Family's favorite restaurant/tavern to get a picture of the three of them together in happier times. Michonne helped out, first by throwing in a rat cage to attract the walkers, and then by executing various katana kills, the absolute best of which was a Behind-The-Back Head Stab -- earning her yet another Zombie Kill of the Week trophy, although it has to be said that there are only so many more ways to kill a zombie with a sword. (OR ARE THERE?)

Carl is such an effective soldier that it's easy to forget that he is also the son of Lori Grimes, an infamously butter-fingered problem-creator whose sole competent action on the show was her own death. Carl showed a bit of his mom's inefficiency when he dropped the picture right in front of the hungry Walkers. He moaned to Michonne that they had to go back inside...and, more to the point, that he had to go back inside.

This is right about the moment when most people say, "Okay, Carl, sure. But make sure you don't do something that makes the whole operation more complicated than it needs to be! Okay, sonny boy?"

Michonne instead said: "No more bulls---. You wait here. That's how we get it done." Then she walked inside, snuck the picture out from the hordes of walkers, and brought it to Carl. Thus begins the first chapter of Michonne's book, The Tough Love Guide to Parenting in the Zombie Apocalypse, By Michonne K. Badass, Esq. (The K stands for "Katana.") She admitted to Carl that she didn't do it all for the good of his family; she held up a colorful horse statue, noting that she had to go back inside to grab it, because "It's just too damn gorgeous." I think this might be the first time Michonne has smiled about something that wasn't killin' zombies.

Back at Crazypants HQ, Rick asked Morgan to come with him. Morgan revealed that he hadn't lost all his marbles by asking an important question: Why did Rick need so many guns? Rick admitted that they were gearing up for a battle. That couldn't interest Morgan less. Morgan has reduced his life to the bare essentials: Food and guns. Now Rick begged Morgan to come with him. "We both started out in the same place," he said. "You can come back from this." (Seeing Morgan must have given Rick some perspective on his own brush with insanity...and trying to convince Morgan that he could "come back" was probably a little therapeutic, like looking in a mirror.) But Morgan would have none of it. He finally announced his intentions, what sounded like a New Age motto: "I have to clear. I have to clear."

"Clear," in this context, apparently means "Clear out the zombies from the traps and burn them in a pile of bodies." Which he proceeded to do outside. Carl walked up and apologized for shooting Morgan; Morgan said, bluntly, "Don't ever be sorry." Again, that was a comment with lots of weight: It almost sounded like Morgan was saying, "There's no point in being sorry anymore, because there's nothing left to make you feel sorry, except your own useless conscience."

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