The Walking Dead recap: Road Runner and Coyote

Andrea makes a break for the prison. The Governor chases after her. So, you know, typical relationship problems...
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

BORN TO RUN If she was ever going to die, it was going to be in this episode. Now she will live forever. Forever making speeches. Forever getting unnecessarily angry about everything. Forever falling in love with the bad guy. Many years from now, when the cast of The Walking Dead has completely changed and the show has added in werewolves and robots and time travel, Andrea will still be there, probably saying something like: "I just don't know who I am anymore! Can your love cure me of my melancholy, Evil Cyborg Werewolf?"

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"This is sick," said Andrea. "I can't just stand by. I have to kill him." She held a gun on him. The Walking Dead gets a lot of mileage out of its pure-spectacle gore, but the shot of Andrea up in the window looking down on the Governor was an example of the show at its subtle best. Unfortunately, Milton wouldn't let her shoot the guy.

I'm not sure Milton is really an actual character at this point, but I admire the fact that -- besides that first episode, when he seemed like a mad scientist with a serious tea obsession -- the show has been pretty consistent in its treatment of him. He's a pacifist. He doesn't think anyone should be killed. He told Andrea that the Governor would move on someday. "I knew Phillip before he became the Governor. That man still exists." Milton believes the Governor has a spark of his old life. Of course, Milton also believed that walkers still had a spark of their old lives. More than anything else, Milton has to believe that the old pre-zombie world is something that can be recreated. If you think about it, Woodbury itself is a monument to that belief: The idea that, in the midst of zombiedom, people can still hang out at the flea market and turn on the electric lights and do the laundry.

Naturally, Milton refused to go with Andrea to the prison. The Prison represents every hard truth about the zombie apocalypse that Milton would prefer to ignore. At the Prison, everyone is basically a caveman hunter-gatherer who won't hesitate to kill a threat, living or dead. Andrea left him with a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile, at the back wall, Tyreese and Sasha were practicing with their sniper rifle. Tyreese was having problems with the ranged weapon. Understandable: He's clearly a melee guy, swinging a hammer with brutal effectiveness. Then Andrea walked up to their sniper training session and tried to pull an elaborate prank. Here's Andrea trying to lie:

Andrea: Um, hey guys, uh, yo, there's like a big pack of walkers invading the north gate.
Tyreese: Really? Weird, we didn't hear anything.
Andrea: Yeah, um, and Martinez says you should run over there right now.
Sasha: We're not supposed to leave this wall undefended. It's against protocol.
Andrea: Um, yeah, but uh, Martinez says that the protocol is...different now?
Tyreese: Also, just because a large pack of walkers is attacking the far side of town, why should we abandon this side? I mean, seriously, who leaves a clear point of entry to a safe zombie-free compound just wide open? What are we, the Grimes Gang?
Andrea: Shut up! I have a knife!

Andrea told them that the Governor had done terrible things. Rather than elucidate on those terrible things, she ran off into the Magic Forest. Tyreese and Sasha were brought to see the Governor, who gave them a sob story about Andrea wandering through the wilderness all winter, all by herself, which is why she's all cuckoo now. Then the Governor put on a trenchcoat and slicked back his hair; I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it looked to me like they were styling him like Snake Plissken, which is always a good thing. He asked Milton if he had talked to Andrea. Milton said, "Um, nooooo." I was surprised the Governor didn't shoot Milton in the face right there on the street.

Tyreese and Sasha had a chat with the two other members of their wolfpack, whose names are technically Ben and Allen, and are actually referred to as Douche Dad and That Other Kid. Douche Dad told Tyreese not to screw up this whole Woodbury thing for them. Then he made some reference to shaming him "in front of my boy again." Apparently, Tyreese rescued Douche Dad's dead wife, whose name I believe was Dead Wife, and then became "Her knight in shining armor." There seemed to be some implication that there was something romantic between Tyreese and Dead Wife, but it was just an implication. The weirdest thing about The Walking Dead is that it's an ultraviolent show that, besides Maggie and Glenn, approaches romance from an incredibly vague, practically Victorian sense of propriety. (Consider: The show seems to be arguing that the Governor actually has feelings for Andrea, even though in every other respect he's a madhouse sociopath with a god complex.)

This was all just prologue. The chase was about to begin.

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