The Vampire Diaries recap: Fangers and Bangers

While Damon explored the Augustine mystery, Bonnie and Jeremy coined a new euphemism
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 21, 2013

SOB STORY Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Aaron (Shaun Sipos) shared their troubled pasts...while everyone else suffered in the present.

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Back on campus, Caroline got a call from a panicked Jesse. "Look who rose from the dead," she said, not knowing how correct she was. He asked her for help because his roommate would be home soon. His roommate? Aaron. Jesse did bite him, but again, he didn't kill him. Apparently, he didn't drink all that much because Caroline was in no hurry to feed Aaron blood after she separated them. Jesse had enough time to tell her how Wes had kept him in a cell all day and then took him out at night to do experiments on him. He'd been starved, then fed. He told her he'd locked Wes in the lab. Elena arrived with the girls' blood bag stash and the wisdom that the first rule of being a vampire is realizing how awesome you are. Yes, Elena, that's EXACTLY what you did. (Eye roll.) Elena was going to feed Aaron her blood, but Caroline wanted to show Jesse that he could save people. Aaron seemed to enjoy that blood like he was on True Blood, not TVD. Maybe Augustine vampire blood doubles as a drug. Jesse did like the feel of Caroline's hand when they went back to the party and dirty danced. Everything's heightened. I think I would have enjoyed a love scene between those two.

Back at the Grill, Katherine lifted a bottle of booze and convinced Stefan to have one pity drink with her. Like it or not, he's gonna end up with someone who looks like her, she said. Katherine is a great drunk. (Well, until she got suicidal remembering her aching joints, receding gums, and weak bladder.) Stefan told her that killing Silas hadn't made him feel better, and she told him he had PTSD -- something she worked through after her father took her newborn from her and Klaus slaughtered her family centuries ago. Cue Nadia's arrival.

At the party, Bonnie spoke with Jesse but scanned the room for Jeremy. She wasn't sure she could call him her "boyfriend," but she did admit she's madly in love with him. (Here's the definition of boyfriend, Bonnie.) Elena had sent Damon to question Wes, which Caroline figured would end with Wes dead. Damon's idea of torture was refreshing: He injected Wes with things he found in the lab, like a flesh-eating bacteria. If Wes gave answers, Damon would give him blood to heal him.

Meanwhile, after Katherine and Nadia both claimed to be younger, Matt brought them the knife that Gregor had said to keep safe. Nadia called forth Matt's passenger, and Katherine played the protective mother -- which was great. She wanted to know the real reason he was in Mystic Falls. It wasn't just to track and kill Silas. After Silas was dead, he was supposed to kill Katherine. The Travelers wanted her dead as well. Why? Travelers are ruthless, manipulative hypocrites, Katherine said. She should know -- her father was one. She stabbed Matt with the knife. But never fear: Matt and his blue eyes will be fine. Gregor, on the other hand, was gone. The knife is the only thing that will truly kill a Traveler. Nadia looked slightly upset with her mother.

Wes was looking hot and sweaty as Damon continued torturing him with rabies. Bonnie made new friends at the party until an old woman who'd passed through her earlier in the episode reappeared. What was the point of that: to give Bonnie's suffering some redeeming purpose? She takes away these people's pain, becomes a familiar face. Or to make her feel worse? According to that woman, there's no pain on the famous other side if you're ready to go. I'm thinking the former, because the latter would be a little too Buffy ("I live in hell/'cause I've been expelled from heaven/I think I was in heaven").

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