The Vampire Diaries recap: History Repeating

The race for the anchor brings out familiar behavior in Stefan, Damon, and Katherine
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 7, 2013

MAXFIELD IN THE MIDDLE Dr. Wes (Rick Cosnett) eventually got blackmailed by Katherine (Nina Dobrev), who is aging fast. Are we shipping them already? He resembles Matt (Zach Roerig), who we know she considers dreamy...

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Elena couldn't hold it in any longer. She couldn't stand to see Stefan and Tessa flirting while he cooked for her. Elena told Stefan that even if he can't remember it, she does: Tessa isn't the kind of person he'd like. When Tessa gave them some distance, Stefan whispered so only Elena would hear him. He told her he's got this. "I know you think that I hate you, but I don’t," he said. "I won’t let her hurt you, I promise." Samantha and I swooned, paused, and rewound. At sundown, Stefan knifed Tessa and told Elena to run. Then he followed her.

At the warehouse, Damon told Jeremy to "man up." He was back on the phone with Tessa: Why would the Travelers stop him from killing Silas? They want Silas' blood because now it's the cure. They're not fans of immortality. She had to bind the other side to something 2,000 years ago. Something Silas would never want to destroy. Not his favorite childhood sled, Damon. Think about it. And Silas found it -- Amara is the anchor. Qetsiyah never killed her. She just made Silas think she had and desiccated her. Silas fed Amara the one of the dead Traveler’s. We watched as she went from stone-like to flesh. She told Silas to go away and leave her alone. What hallucinations has she been seeing for 2,000 years? Alone later, having heard that he'd taken the cure, she knew what she had to do: Cut him with glass and drink him -- she can't live another day. Seeing Damon later, she asked him if he was real.

Katherine had gone back to see Dr. Wes after her tooth incident. She returned his tape recorder, which she'd listened to. Yep, Katherine is still out for herself. She threatened to out his work if he doesn't figure out how to save her from dying. She can't solve the mystery on her own. She told him she's Katherine and Elena's her doppelgänger.

Back at home, Elena thanked Stefan for being him, the man whose instincts were always to protect her. I thought the kindness of that conversation might worry Damon, but it didn't. Either he is that secure, or he's that drunk. Jeremy's allowed to drink, too, after their failed rescue attempt. Damon told Elena they had to protect Amara now that she's taken the cure and is human again. They do? Yep. "Elena, meet Crazy Pants. Crazy Pants, meet Elena," he said. And scream, Crazy Pants.

One more twist: Tessa was not happy with Stefan. He offered to heal her from the knife wound, but she wants to keep it to remind her of how stupid she'd been to feel something for him. History repeated itself: She lost out to a doppelgänger. She wanted to make Stefan pay, so she gave back all his memories: Killing his dad, forcing Damon to become a vampire. And oh yes, his time in that watery grave, drowning again and again. Seeing him on the floor like that reminded me of when he was on the floor like that drinking blood bags like a dog or something at Klaus' hand. We're going to see a different Stefan now.

Will Silas brood over Amara? Will Damon be so worried about Stefan he can't crack a joke? What's Tessa's next play? Do you understand what would happen if Silas did kill Amara now? Could they be together? Go!

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