The Vampire Diaries recap: History Repeating

The race for the anchor brings out familiar behavior in Stefan, Damon, and Katherine
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 7, 2013

MAXFIELD IN THE MIDDLE Dr. Wes (Rick Cosnett) eventually got blackmailed by Katherine (Nina Dobrev), who is aging fast. Are we shipping them already? He resembles Matt (Zach Roerig), who we know she considers dreamy...

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Katherine skillfully began draining Dr. Wes of vervain so Caroline could get some information out of him and make him forget that she and Elena are vamps. He said there'd be a gathering at Whitmore House that day of the people they need to convince. Good thing Katherine, who Dr. Wes believed was Elena, isn't one.

I laughed out loud at naive Jeremy trying to tell Bonnie that if she believes the plan for Silas to bring her back to life can work, and he believes it can work, then it can work. No, Jeremy, you do need to factor Silas into that equation, and you can't control him. I laughed again as he reminded us why they're really doing this -- so he can touch her.

The latest wrinkle in the plan: Tessa informed Damon that she'd purposely lured Elena to the cabin so she could use her as leverage. [Insert Elena getting a witch-induced migraine.] Tessa wanted Damon to kill Silas before he found the anchor. If he didn't do it before sundown, she'd kill Elena. It might be cathartic, she said, because Elena has the same face as Amara. "Bye now!" Damon took his frustration out on a box.

Katherine showed up at Whitmore House looking demur and wearing a barrette in her hair. Dianne Freeman, the head of Whitmore security, who Elena had met the night Megan died, was surprised when Elena made it through the anti-vamp doorway. Aaron busted ravenous Katherine eating and pocketing sandwiches. "What? Are you the sandwich police?" she asked. He was trying to figure out why Dr. Wes had told him to stay away from Elena. "Are you part of the secret society?" Elena asked. "You know (wink), the society." Maybe Aaron is really clueless. The conversation got cut short when Katherine lost a tooth. Awkward!

At the cabin, Tessa and Stefan were discussing pizza toppings when Elena explained why she was so upset: Damon's never put anyone's life before hers, so there's no way he'll spare Silas. Which means Bonnie's not coming back. (Hooray! No, don't get too excited.) Elena was right, of course. Damon told Jeremy operation Save Bonnie is off. Bonnie was cool with it, however.

Damon went inside to look for Silas and two Travelers spoke a foreign tongue that temporarily nullified Damon's day ring. I was begging for Jeremy to break that up before the burns moved up the forearms to the biceps. The Travelers don't want Silas dead -- yet. Damon ripped out one's heart and knifed the other.

Caroline, bless her heart, spaced while she was waiting for Dr. Wes to drain and almost bled him to death. Give her a break, Wes, she's thinking of Tyler. Time for the interrogation: The society is called Augustine. Most recruits are legacies, but some are chosen for their extraordinary talent. His? The very vague "being brilliant." It was "the Augustine vampire" who killed Megan -- that's why he covered it up. Caroline compelled him to forget that she and Elena were vamps. When Dianne paid him a visit to check on him and tell him he'd been wrong about Elena, he didn't protest. (Wouldn't the lack of memory tip them off that something had happened?)

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