The Vampire Diaries season finale recap: 'Do You Think This Will Hurt?'

The plan to bring everyone back from The Other Side ends in tears and more than one game-changer
Ep. 22 | Aired May 15, 2014

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In the woods, Silas confirmed Liv was ready after Bonnie taught her the spell. The wind picked up again on The Other Side, and both Enzo and Silas started to blow away. Bonnie grabbed on to Enzo as Silas reached for her. "Bygones," she said, and watched Silas be swept away. Goodbye, perfect specimen!

Liv had her candles lit at 6:59, and she began chanting. Matt and Jeremy started the gas leak and ran. Bonnie stood and looked at the Bennett family tombstones wondering where Grams was. Don't rush your elders, Bonnie. Grams told Bonnie she knew what she was doing (meaning lying to Jeremy still): She wouldn't survive all the people coming through her, and if she did, she'd still be the anchor.

This time, Grams didn't give Bonnie a lecture about being honest with Jeremy. She simply said it was a privilege to watch Bonnie grow into the beautiful woman she'd become. Ah. Bonnie wanted Grams to go through her, too, but Grams said no. Bonnie wasn't the only one who made a sacrifice. Grams made peace because she made sure Bonnie would find hers. She wanted Bonnie to know she looked out for her. They hugged and cried. I cried and got chills again. Me, the person who's been wishing Bonnie dead for seasons. Stefan and Lexi made it to them in time to see the embrace.

At the Grill, Markos got suspicious of Sheriff Forbes' motives for hanging around town as her phone blew up (figuratively). She told him she smelled a gas leak so Markos would go check it out -- and she knocked him out. She texted Damon that it was a go. Markos came to and grabbed her.

Damon, meanwhile, was finishing a bottle (of bourbon, no doubt) by the town sign. He got in his car to drive across the border. And then Elena got in with him. He'd have to respect her choice to die beside him. She realized she'd essentially start drowning as soon as they crossed the town line. Didn't matter, she was all in. That's love. As they drove, Elena started to cough up water and told Damon they had to die while they were still vampires. (But Tyler died as a human, right, and still went to The Other Side?) It seemed like Elena was going to say she loved him, but he already knew. They held hands and he floored it. He crashed the car into the Grill -- flames.

The dead Travelers found Bonnie in the woods and started going through her to the Other Side, beginning with Markos. Damon and Elena went through her. She told them they'd wake up by their bodies and had to get back to her as soon as possible. Elena's body was still in the car, fried. Damon's had been thrown from the car. "Did you seriously wear your seatbelt?" Alaric asked her. ALARIC! She wanted to look for Damon, but he told her to get to Bonnie for Jeremy's sake. He'd find Damon.

Damon saw Sheriff Forbes on the ground, and I thought she was dead. He went to lift a fallen beam off her, and Alaric was there to help him. REUNION! "Friendly advice, when you finally get the girl, don't blow her up," Alaric said. "Good to see you, too, buddy," Damon said. Sheriff Forbes breathed. She'd somehow be okay. Time to go, guys!

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