The Vampire Diaries recap: Run, Baby, Run

Markos' spell begins, and our world unravels
Ep. 21 | Aired May 8, 2014

Guy D'Alema/The CW

While that was happening, Bonnie had finally told Caroline there was no spell to bring people back from the crumbling Other Side because Caroline had suggested they kill Tyler to get the Passenger out of him -- and then he could come back with Bonnie and Enzo. Enzo later yelled at Bonnie for not telling him sooner that he was screwed. He refused to give up. There was a monologue there, but I just kept staring at his chest hair. That's something we never see on this show. Or this network. It's The CW's unicorn! Maria appeared to Bonnie, meaning she died in that accident. She asked Bonnie to tell Julian that she'd tried. Speaking of Julian, his voice reached Damon's ears from his Salvatore cellar. He told Damon to use the element of surprise -- Markos doesn't know he's there. Damon invited Markos, who was already planning his renovations to Salvatore Mansion, to check out the wine cellar.

Man, that was a glorious sight. I'm talking about all those bottles Damon said he spent his time shoplifting as well as Damon's biceps when he took out a fancy bottle. Damon eventually kicked the shackle key into Julian's cell. Elsewhere, the Wonder Twins were still debating who'd die -- Elena or Stefan. I'm guessing Elena, since Liv has the bigger balls. But oops, they're magic was already leaving them. The Travelers were chanting. Elena and Stefan started to burn in the sun. Their rings weren't working.

They ran into the Grill, and Matt took them to the tunnels. The Travelers were chanting so hard, they were bleeding from their noses and ears. Elena started coughing up water and Stefan started bleeding -- they were losing their immortality and reverting to humans who'd simply died. Matt's idea: keep moving, outrun the reach of the spell. Sure. Why not.

Julian finally air-pounced on Markos' back -- hilarious -- and tried to rip out his throat. "Took you long enough," Damon cracked. But wait. The magic was reaching them, too. Julian's fangs were gone and Damon was now burning in the sun streaming through the windows. As the Passenger-filled bodies dropped dead in the town square, the Travelers' real bodies arose. Damon and Tyler started dying their original deaths, and Markos was kind enough to tell them to try to outrun the spell -- for a little while. Damon stopped long enough to look back at the house he was now losing to the Travelers. NOT SALVATORE MANSION! NOT HIS BED! NOT HIS BATHROOM!

For once, when Damon said he needed help on the road, he really did. Lucky for him, Jeremy was driving by. At the dorm room, Caroline was in a full panic because a vampire had come to Bonnie that proved the spell had reached beyond Mystic Falls. Death was literally on its way and Caroline wanted to get on the move -- leave the hair products, girl. Bonnie suddenly had an idea for how to get everyone back from the Other Side. Maybe if she would have sat and thought about it for five minutes before NOW? She wanted to find Enzo.

You just knew Elena was going to kiss Damon when they finally reunited. And she did. She borrowed his line from last episode -- she had a crappy day and she needed it. She told him she could think of no worse way to die than without seeing him again. Stefan looked a little sad in that moment, as he sent them ahead. He sent Matt and Jeremy back to Mystic Falls to be their eyes and ears. He was going to wait for Bonnie and Caroline. I did not like the idea of separating!

Enzo tried to hold on to Maria when she started getting swept away on the Other Side, because she knew the spell to bring people back. That was Bonnie's plan. Get her to help them because Maria would want to return to Julian. But he failed. (Was he only using one hand?) BONNIE WAS STILL PACKING when Enzo told her they hit a snag. Julian found Stefan and Caroline and asked where Maria was. Stefan told him she was dead, and Julian was pissed. He had nothing to lose -- his wife was dead, his people wanted to kill him. Caroline was going to snap his neck, but he went wolf-eyes on her. Stefan got him away from her and then... Julian ripped Stefan's heart out to stop the spell. I was in as much shock as Caroline. Stefan appeared to Bonnie. She had tears in her eyes when she had to tell him there was no more plan. He crossed over. As we watched Caroline scream for someone to help her, sitting over his dead, gray body, I wanted to cry. My eyes got wet, but again, I said no. There's no way they're not going to get Stefan back. Right?

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