The Vampire Diaries recap: The Cabin in the Woods

Enzo screwed up the plan to hide Elena and Stefan from the Travelers, and the battle for Tyler's body went just as poorly
Ep. 20 | Aired May 1, 2014

Guy D'Alema/The CW

Back to Jeremy and Bon Bon. They went into a creepy/romantic cave looking for Julian's body. They found a whole lot of Travelers who'd become passengers. In the woods, Stefan admitted the real reason he didn't tell Damon about killing Enzo: He didn't think Damon would go on a rampage, he just thought he'd hate him. So that was actually pretty sweet, guys. The brothers found Luke in a shed, which Enzo had doused with kerosene. Enzo slammed down a light and a fire started. Um, why were Damon and Stefan not grabbing Luke and running immediately? I guess because we needed to pause for a commercial break before they jumped into action.

Damon finally told Stefan to get Luke, and Enzo shut the door and stabbed Stefan through his body. "Dick move, Enzo," Damon said. Then he got impaled, too. Damon told Enzo about the Other Side crumbling and promised that if he let them live, he'd find a way to bring Enzo back -- like Bonnie and Markos. While Enzo considered it, Damon valiantly told Stefan to get out with Luke, who was the only one who could mask Stefan and Elena. Very heroic. Enzo finally let Damon go, too, just in time.

As Bonnie told Jeremy their date could be worse, it got worse. Maria and the Travelers showed up, chanted to make Jeremy choke, and light-as-a-boarded Julian's body out of there. At the cabin, Luke told Stefan he respects how the friends take care of each other. That's setting up what I assume will be a battle between the Wonder Twins next episode since the promo showed Liv saying Stefan or Elena needs to die. (She's like Rebekah-lite.) Damon punched Stefan in the face for Enzo, and then he said that's the last they'd talk about it.

In the Salvatore Cellar, Tyler was told the Travelers had Julian's body, and then he started seeing what Julian had seen while he was in Tyler's body. Bonnie assumed the Travelers had started the spell to make Julian permanent and yep, they were chanting as Julian's body burned. "Make it stop. Make it stop," Tyler said. I almost got a little misty, but it was a bit rushed. And then there was calm before his eyes went black. "I take it you didn't find my body," Julian said. Bastard. So Tyler's gone? For good? I take it back. I need more than that body.

Caroline was standing by the burning shed for what purpose? Stefan found her there to tell her they were leaving, and she sulked about the fact that he trusts Elena more than he trusts her. No, he said, he tells Caroline things he doesn’t tell Elena. (Sweet face touch. Thanks, dirt.) He said he knew Caroline and Enzo had "chemistry" -- which she denied -- and he didn't want her to think less of him for killing him. There it was. Simmer down, shippers.

Stefan left first and suddenly, he was on the Other Side. WHAT? For real, why were the ladies not in a rush to leave the cabin? They knew the Travelers could find them. Damon tried to hurry Elena along so they could leave, but she wanted to talk. It was a pretty great scene though, hearing Damon say he was fighting against every urge to spiral -- for her. Of course he's mad at her, but he still wants to be with her, which means he's nuts when he's around her and nuts when he isn't. Why wasn't she getting this? None of us were confused by what he meant. Finally, to show her, he kissed her. The tone was perfect: Passionate but controlled. There was no question of him taking it beyond that. As he said, he'd had a really crappy day and he needed that. To remind him what he's fighting for, I think. To tether him just for a moment and make it easier.

He walked inside to finish packing, and she stood there kinda breathless -- happy that he wants to be around her. And then headache. The Travelers were there chanting. Markos grabbed her. Question: Shouldn't the vamps have heard the Travelers coming with all that chanting? Couldn't Damon and Caroline hear them now? Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Go!

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