The Vampire Diaries recap: The Search Party

The hunts for Katherine and Stefan take unexpected turns
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 10, 2013

SOUND BITE Silas (Paul Wesley) didn't get why Elena liked Damon (Ian Somerhalder). "That's because you haven't had sex with me," Damon said.

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Matt was still with Bonnie. He was being drawn to his body. He knew the second he returns to it he'd forget that he saw Bonnie and all she'd told him. (Groan.) He told her she can't keep her death a secret. How can she deal with her father's death if she can't even deal with hers? These kids have all gotten so wise since graduating high school! Matt touched his body and was back to reality. Jeremy explained that Silas had tried to kill them both. Katherine said she'd shot Silas. "So we're even. No more whining." (Are we shipping Matt and Katherine yet? She always did have a thing for him, just sayin'.) Jeremy claimed he'd left his hatchet behind and went to talk to Bonnie. She said she's not ready to be dead yet. (GROAN.) Jeremy said he'd tell everyone she's with family because it's too hard for her to be in Mystic Falls now. Even if he can't touch her or hold her, he's there for her, Jeremy said. She leaned in like she wanted to kiss him. But they wouldn't feel each other's lips. I pointed that out to my colleague Samantha Highfill, with whom I was watching. "God, Bonnie's life sucks... Well, death sucks," she said. But truth: If Bonnie sees Jeremy in a white tank top and can't touch him, THAT'LL SUCK.

Silas went to the gas station. The attendant asked him if he'd found the girl he was looking for. "Yes, I did. And then she shot me," he cracked. He said he was a little bit angry and a little bit hungry. He grabbed a knife and a big gulp cup. "Fill her up," he told the guy, handing them to him. The man cut his wrist and bled into the cup. Just then, Nadia and her unnamed male friend arrived. Apparently they were once known as gypsies, but now they're called Travelers. "You can call me whatever you want when I'm gutting you," the guy said. Matt had been the man's host to spy on Silas. Question: Can they still see through Matt or did that end for good when Matt momentarily died? I'm guessing the latter. The Travelers want Silas back in the tomb sealed away for eternity. That's what the Travelers have always wanted, Nadia said. Then she killed her cohort. Luckily for Silas, she's never really considered herself a Traveler. She knew he could read her mind. He could see she has her own agenda. He seemed okay with it. I WANT TO SEE! (Patience, friends.)

At Whitmore, Elena said goodbye to Caroline. Caroline's staying at school to figure out what's happening there while she goes off with Damon to find Stefan. Dr. Maxfield stopped by and said he didn't think Elena Gilbert would give up so easily. He apologized for being such a hardass earlier. It's his thing. He knew of her father, he said. He's a legend around Whitmore. He's studied all of his research and can only hope to do the kind of work he did. UH-OH. WHAT WAS ELENA'S DAD INTO? Does that mean her father forged death certificates, too, Elena asked? Maxfield told her to come by his office hours the next day to chat. But Elena said her plate was full at the moment. He told her to let him know when it clears.

Damon walked up as Maxfield walked away. That's how a hero gets information, Damon said, with honesty. That moment with them was so great. Damon showed her that he'd snagged Stefan's daylight ring back from Silas the day before. And then Damon said he's secure enough in their relationship that her having psychic dreams about her ex-boyfriend doesn't bother him, but it still sucks. Totally fair. I think you can always tell when two people are really in love when they're embracing while having a disagreement. No one's threatening to walk away. That's secure. They kissed, and Elena told Damon they were going to save Stefan and she would still love him. More kissing. It was sweet and hot at the same time. I believed her. Did you?

Liz phoned Damon. Her people didn't find anything in the quarry, but they found the safe on land a few miles away. They hadn't opened it. She knew if Stefan's been in there for three months, he'd be hungry. They opened it, and it wasn't Stefan they found. It was a drained human body. "You're right, he was hungry... and he still is," Damon said. WHAT?

My theory: Silas knows he has a better chance of catching Katherine if Damon and Elena are preoccupied trying to find human blood-drinking Stefan, so he let Stefan out. As the promo for next week told us, "For three months he starved. Now the ripper is back." THE RIPPER IS BACK! So. Great.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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