The Vampire Diaries recap: Gone Girl and Lost Boy

Enzo's search for Maggie comes to more than one tragic end as Markos reveals more of his plan
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 24, 2014

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Bonnie was so hopeful when it seemed as though Liv had thought of a way to save the Other Side. Instead, Liv said with Markos out, the spell would implode on itself. Boom. She told Bonnie to say goodbye to her friends, to let Jeremy know she was leaving. Bonnie's tears again made me feel slightly guilty.

Damon found unconscious Elena and carried her home (ah, feeling better, Delena fans!) while Enzo and Stefan continued their street fight elsewhere. In short: Enzo was going to set Stefan on fire, or himself and Stefan on fire, but then he had an idea -- since Stefan was literally holding on to Enzo's heart, he pushed himself away so it'd look like Stefan had ripped Enzo's heart out. Enzo wanted him to have fun explaining that to Damon. Stefan didn't want Damon to know he'd lost his only friend (again), and go off the deep end (again): He texted Damon back from Enzo's phone, "Cape Horn it is."

Damon was gone before Elena woke up. Good thing, because Stefan came to check on her and told her he'd killed Enzo but they're going to lie to Damon and say he went away. Elena was reluctant but agreed. Stefan called Bonnie and interrupted her lying to Jeremy about Liv saying there was hope for the Other Side. He warned her that Enzo was dead and Damon couldn't know. Enzo was there with Bonnie and said we'd see him again -- yay! -- because he's good at revenge (boo!). He crossed over.

Sloan woke up and wasn't a vampire anymore, which meant the Travelers could undo the magic in Mystic Falls and undo the curse that prevents them from finding a home. It also meant Sloan reverted back to her final human state -- which was a woman with her throat slit. She's dead. That'll be the fate of any vampire who tries to live in their new home. They just need to get lots more doppelgänger blood.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Damon told Stefan he felt responsible for Enzo and would find him and fix him. Stefan wanted Damon to let Enzo go because he wasn't worth saving. But Damon told Stefan that Enzo was the one who'd talked him out of hating Stefan when they were locked up in the cells. Enzo had told Damon he was lucky to have even a crappy brother because Enzo had no one. He'd defended Stefan without even knowing him and said it was good to have people outside those cells that you loved to make you hold on to your humanity. They both owed Enzo, Damon said. Finally I understood how upset Damon would be if he heard the news. I think he'd believe that Enzo had forced his own death, but that doesn't mean Stefan thought Enzo was worth saving.

Ghost Enzo was there listening. Damon was sincere, but humanity-less Enzo didn't care. His vendetta has begun. How does it play into that strange little promo for the next episode? Enzo is going to be able to do things other ghosts can't because the Other Side is crumbling, apparently. Interesting.


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