The Vampire Diaries recap: Resident Evil

Markos revealed himself as the Travelers became passengers in various bodies (one of them quite hot)
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 17, 2014

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Damon and Enzo went to Markos' house. I laughed when Enzo decided Stefan and Elena's vision sex would've been in the bedroom because Stefan's so vanilla. Markos was waiting in a chair by a fire. He's the reason Stefan and Elena are having visions. Didn't we already guess that? The Doppelganger Law has been "misinterpreted" over the ages. The actual prophecy is that the doppelgänger blood can help the Travelers. They're being drawn together by a spell he cast 1,500 years ago. He had to get them together, and it turns out the best way to get people to go searching for each other is the promise of true love.

I'd prefer to have stayed there with Enzo. Lots of exposition was about to happen. Markos and Damon went for a stroll about town so Markos could fill Damon in: 2,000 years ago, Silas and Qetsiyah cast the immortality spell. It created a schism in the Traveler community and gave rise to the witches. They tried to keep the Travelers scattered to keep them from realizing their full power if they banded together. Every time they find each other, disaster strikes and wipes them out. The doppelgängers' blood can fix this. Markos said he'd stop Elena and Stefan's visions to prove he's not their enemy. Markos showed Damon that the town is full of passengers already, as they gathered and chanted to end the sweetest vision yet: Stefan and Elena had two kids, and they were still in love enough to playfully suggest they'd bite each other. When the vision abruptly ended, the real Stefan was home at Salvatore Mansion with Elena. He'd felt it, too. Such happiness, and then it was ripped away from them. Elena had tears in her eyes. Was it over? It's over, he said. Ouch.

They sat in front of the fire and came to terms with it: Just because the fantasy was gone doesn’t mean the memory of their real relationship had been stripped from them. That had been beautiful and real with its ups and downs. He said he'd always love her, and she said she'd always love him. Then she asked if Stefan thought she and Damon would ever be able to talk like this, like friends. "I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them. I don't think you can be both," he said. So that means he and Elena are no longer IN love, but Damon is still in love with Elena.

Matt was still grieving Vicki, wondering where she went when she was sucked away. Did she find peace? I don't think so either. Kol was the most tender we've ever seen him when he asked Matt to please get the hell back in his body and tell people what's happening there before they all go the way of Vicki. Matt said he wouldn't remember things when he returned. Kol told him he had to find a way.

Bonnie and Jeremy were waiting for Matt to come back to his body, and Jeremy made a joke that she was the only one in the sheriff's office not killed by her. Bonnie told Jeremy to not blow her off again, because she's choosing to trust him. And Matt came back to end that awkward conversation. Somehow he did remember this time. He told them about Vicki being sucked away.

Damon went up to his room and found Elena waiting for him. She wanted to thank him for making the visions stop, and to tell him that while they were paradise for her, they weren't real. What she'd had with him was real, too --- messy, and complicated, and real. Did she forget that they were also really bad for each other? No. But she still needs him in her life. He can't be friends, he said. He doesn't want to see her anymore, period. I almost thought she was going to give in and kiss him -- 'cause if he doesn't want to be friends, he's really in love with her. But she's always known that. It doesn't change anything. She left.

Caroline called Tyler and hung up once her mother came to. Welcome back, Sheriff Forbes. But then Tyler said, "We're in" -- to Markos. "This body is incredible," passenger Tyler said. HA. So true. Once the town is theirs, it will be gone. NOOOO. Do not threaten that torso, you David Blaine-esque bastard. Markos took the last Traveler knife from "Tyler" and put it in the fire at the house. He chanted and it began to melt in the flame.

So what do the Travelers want again? You tell me. Please.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? What are your theories for where we're headed?

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