The Vampire Diaries recap: Resident Evil

Markos revealed himself as the Travelers became passengers in various bodies (one of them quite hot)
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 17, 2014

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Back to the longest pool game known to man. (Damon lost, for those keeping score.) Elena tried to dial Damon, but he didn't answer. Damon: 1, Temptation: 0. Caroline tried Enzo, and temptation won that round. He put her on speaker, and she told them about the visions. Enzo called them sex dreams, but Caroline preferred to think of them as romance dreams. Not helpful for Damon. Stefan had gone to the Traveler camp to see if anyone was left to tell him what was happening. Also so Paul Wesley could concentrate on directing this episode, which marks his debut behind the camera. Damon wanted a witch brought to him to question.

Bonnie showed up at Tyler's house, where Jeremy blamed his lack of communication on moving. Once Bonnie saw Liv, she was even more pissed happy. Jeremy said Bonnie had to trust that they have whatever's going on with the Other Side and a possible escapee handled. (Jeremy watches Scandal?) Liv wouldn't let Jeremy tell anyone else about their plan to sneak up on the Travelers. Cut to Matt calling Tyler to tell him he'd gone to check up on Sheriff Forbes after she was late meeting Caroline and didn't respond to her texts. He could tell there'd been a struggle, so he told Tyler to get there quickly with the Traveler knife. The passenger-carrying Sheriff Forbes overheard Matt and stabbed him with a letter opener in the neck. 1.) Gross. 2.) That passenger needs to pay! Matt found Bonnie, told her he was dead (temporarily), asked her to tell Jeremy the sheriff was in trouble, and then apologized before crossing over through her. He awoke on the blue-tinted Other Side in a graveyard. Kol was there! Apparently the folks on the Other Side can't socialize. Did we know this? Or is that just everyone but the gossipy witches? Kol was happy to be seen, and for a second, I thought he was going to grab on to Matt so he might be brought back with him somehow when he returns. But no. Matt was busy thinking that if he can see Kol, he should be able to see Vicki.

Caroline and Elena showed up at Salvatore Mansion, and Caroline and Enzo quickly made their escape to drink in the library so they could avoid the awkward conversation between two former lovers trying desperately not to tear each other's clothes off. It had to be hard for Elena because Damon had clearly just done some bicep work off-camera -- they were bulging. Elena wanted their stilted conversations to end -- so did I at this point -- and used "the F word." She just wants to be friends. Caroline used that opportunity to ask Enzo what his intentions were if he finds Maggie -- isn't she old? He said 70 years in captivity, her face was what he clung to: He doesn't want to date her, he wants to thank her. Ah, Enzo, that made me like you. For a second.

Damon and Elena discussed her sex dreams about Stefan, and he reminded her that the prophecy says she and Stefan are fated to be together -- that could be why alternate reality Stefan and Elena are so damn happy. Luke saved us all by showing up at that moment. Liv was too busy. Doing what exactly? Cut to Tyler comically lurking watching for a chance to approach Sheriff Forbes. She seemed normal -- until Tyler told her that his mother says hi. "Send her my best, okay?" the passenger said. Tyler stabbed her with the knife, but someone appeared above him. He was about to be mounted. Ridden. Oh, you know what I mean. Passenger aboard!

Luke told Damon he couldn't stop the visions. And P.S. He was there to ask for their help: He said Markos, who's been dead for centuries, is back and in town. Elena needed a drink. Good call. The visions were drawing Stefan and Elena together because the Travelers need their blood for the prophecy, so it's also safe to assume the visions are drawing them to the Travelers. They needed more clues to read the map.

After Elena told a mopey Damon that the prophecy is bogus and the visions will end once they get rid of Markos, she had another one. This time, Stefan was cooking her dinner for their anniversary. She was looking for a bottle opener in a drawer when she found the little black box he didn't want her to see. I loved that she didn't even open it, she just said yes. It's nice to see a woman NOT freak out over the ring. It feels like the moment is about the love not the number of carats. This was the makeout session that Paul Wesley told me originally was scripted to have him shirtless. He wanted it to be more romantic than sexual, and I'm gonna go ahead and say I agree with him, actually. Though I could have used a little more foreplay before dream Elena knocked some mail off the counter, and real Elena broke the glass she was holding. Especially if we were supposed to think she'd said or moaned something slightly inappropriate while sitting there with Damon in real life. She'd seen the address on the envelope: 4620 Walnut Drive.

Back on the Other Side, Matt was running around calling out for Vicki. She found him and they hugged. Then he wanted to take her back with him. She said no, but he pulled her as they ran. The wind picked up. They were swept off their feet, holding hands, each being pulled in an opposite direction. She told him she was already dead. He had to let her go. She was sucked upward. Decent effects there. He did some crying, which should have made me more emotional than it did.

NEXT: Markos meets Damon (oh, and Enzo)

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