The Vampire Diaries recap: Rescue Me

As Caroline and Enzo deal with the doppelganger, the Travelers make a bold move and Elena and Damon come to a new understanding
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 27, 2014

Annette Brown/The CW

What was well done was the next scene between Caroline and Stefan. She found him in the junk yard, resting in a car with a makeshift moonroof. She was feeling guilty not because she failed to kill Tom to save Stefan, but because Stefan was still being held prisoner. As Stefan said, they were never going to let him go regardless. Especially now that Enzo had killed Tom and Stefan was the only doppelgänger left. I adore Candice Accola: Her delivery when she was saying Caroline should have seen through Tom's flirty distractions because she practically invented that technique was priceless. The plan now: She and Stefan would make each other laugh, then go to sleep and gather their strength to plan an escape together. Answering my question from last week: Stefan admitted he knew that Caroline would never have killed Tom, because that's what makes her her. She smiled and nestled her head against his. I may have cheered, "Stelena!" But honestly, I'm in no rush to see them get romantic. I like the real platonic friendship for now.

Elena packed her things because she's planning on heading back to Whitmore. It's not just that she and Damon are bad for each other, it's that they'll do bad things for each other. She wanted him to let her go, because if she's near him, she'll let him touch her or kiss her. To his credit, Damon kissed her forehead and told her to travel safely. He loves her enough to let her go, guys. (But again, if Elena is in danger, why is anyone letting her go to school alone?)

Bonnie left Jeremy a message -- weird that he's not calling her back already -- so presumably he or Elena will find her passed out on the floor now that the Travelers have used her to bring Markos forth. Stefan and Caroline were woken from their adorable, innocent cuddle nap by the sound of chanting. The Travelers drank his and Elena's blood -- gross -- and then were set on fire by Sloan. So I guess them all bombarding the anchor with the doppelgänger blood in them was enough to bring Markos across from the other side? Caroline and Stefan bolted, hand-in-hand, when they saw the folks go up in flames, so at least they'll be free to join the others again.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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