The Vampire Diaries recap: Rescue Me

As Caroline and Enzo deal with the doppelganger, the Travelers make a bold move and Elena and Damon come to a new understanding
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 27, 2014

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And speaking of not wasting time, cut to Caroline and Tom at the diner. He was devouring waffles, telling her his life story. She wanted to make sure he was a good guy worth saving. Sure, she fantasized about poisoning him (or was that him choking on waffles?), but instead she compelled him to get on a train and go live a long happy life somewhere else. Damon, meanwhile, had Liv's hands in a vice, torturing her to find out what the hell she's up to. Liv asked to be killed when Elena and Damon kept bickering about their relationship status. Ha. Finally she said Elena is the last female doppelgänger. After tonight, Stefan may be the last male. If that happens, the Travelers will come for her to use her. The witches can't let that happen. Damon was going to kill Liv, but arguing with Elena about it gave Jeremy time to arrive and say Damon would have to kill him first.

Luke arrived at the school, and Matt and Tyler -- "friends of Jeremy, and Elena, even Damon sometimes" -- were waiting for him because Bonnie had phoned and said he might be headed there. I'll admit I laughed at these next two scenes. I appreciate them finding a way to bring Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler into the main story, but the writing felt a little… off. Jeremy didn't want Damon to kill Liv. He wanted to use her to help keep Elena safe. Somehow Elena is supposed to trust him. I don't know if I'd put my life in Jeremy's hands, and his GPA has nothing to do with it. But Elena decided to trust him and Damon decided to trust her. Jeremy offered Liv and Luke a Plan C: They help him protect Elena, and he helps them stop the Travelers. Scratch that, Matt and Tyler are helping, too.

As Caroline and Tom were walking to the car talking about how he's never eaten more in his life, Enzo appeared out of nowhere to end said life. He told Caroline that he'd cut a deal with the Travelers, too, so he could find out where Maggie is. Boo, Enzo. Back to hating you.

Over at Salvatore Mansion, Jeremy announced that he's moving in with Tyler and Matt for a while to figure out how to deal with crazy on his own. On the one hand, living with two young guys who've slept with the same girl is probably more sane than living with two brothers who've slept with your sister. But on the other hand, if you're trying to keep Elena safe, wouldn't you want to live with her? Then again, maybe he feels like if he's going to kick Traveler ass, he'd rather do it away from her? Again, I think this is good for Jeremy as a character, just a bit clunky writing in this episode.

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