The Vampire Diaries recap: While You Were Sleeping

As Elena and Damon dealt with their toxic relationship, a new doppelgänger entered the story
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 20, 2014

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Elena called Damon and wanted him to confirm she'd killed Aaron, and when he didn't want to have the conversation, she had a serious attack of paranoia that ended with her throwing her phone. Damon got his hands on Matt, took off Matt's ring, and threatened to kill him if Jeremy didn't let him go to Elena. I believed Damon when he said he'd never hurt her.

Caroline suggested that she, Stefan, and Enzo could take the Travelers, but Stefan was fine doing whatever linking spell they wanted to do to him to save Elena and Damon. He said he'd do it for her, too. Ah, Stefan. Caroline wanted to stay with him, so Enzo said he'd take the antidotes to Damon and Elena. That's a lot of trust. He left, and Stefan sat down. This time, Stefan's blood was needed to link him to the doppelgänger. Sloan looked like she was enjoying the spell a little too much.

Bonnie and Liv arrived at the dorm to find Elena burning everything Katherine had touched. Bonnie told Elena she was letting Katherine win and she couldn't be let out in public like this. Elena pretended to agree, but then threw a makeshift stake at Liv's gut. If she didn't let Elena out to feed her blood, she'd die. Damn, Elena.

Sloan and the Travelers chanted for a long time because it was dark when we went back to Stefan. "Why is this taking so long?" Caroline asked. Because y'all needed multiple takes? Through the connection, Stefan and Sloan saw that the doppelgänger was an EMT in Atlanta. (Ah.) Sloan wanted to continue and kill the guy right then and there, but afraid what that would do to Stefan's mind, Caroline put a knife to Sloan's throat and offered to negotiate.

Elena was free and roaming campus when she hallucinated Aaron again. In reality, it was Damon, who fed her some of Stefan's blood then listened to her ramble about Katherine winning because she had killed Aaron and was a monster. Finally, Damon told her he'd done it the night he thought she broke up with him to prove to himself that he was a monster. Before she could process it, Enzo appeared with the antidotes.

One of Stefan's Top 10 moments ever? When he awoke, looked at Caroline, and said, "Rebekah… hi… I'm kidding… Lexi, right?" FUNNY. To save Stefan from having his brain fried, Caroline had volunteered to help Enzo go kill the doppelgänger. Stefan wanted to come, but Enzo said the Travelers needed him to stay. Very sweet that Stefan was concerned about Caroline road-tripping with Enzo, whose extended hand Caroline left hanging. Shouldn't Caroline and Stefan feel more guilty about having to kill a do-gooder doppelgänger?

HOLD EVERYTHING. This witch story is about to get interesting: After Liv told Bonnie she wanted to continue learning magic from her, Liv went into her dorm room and magically lit all the candles herself. There sat Luke. He is really gay, but he's also Liv's brother who can't be compelled. They know Bonnie is the anchor to the other side, so they're using her. At least HE'S using her. Did Liv look a little surprised when he said that Bonnie won't think her mentor program is cute when she realizes her friends are in danger? Gulp.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Elena was finally ready to talk to Damon about what had happened while she was sleeping. HE should've been the one to notice Katherine was inside her, she said. He knew that. If only he'd seen through her, everything would be better -- no virus, Aaron would be alive. To his credit, Damon took responsibility for it all. He, not Katherine, had killed Aaron because of his reaction to losing Elena -- that's how much power Elena has over him. And Elena's still there with him -- that's how much power Damon has over her. They agreed their relationship is toxic. She acknowledged that he put her in yet another position where she has to go against everything she stands for because she loves him. So she should stop loving him, he said. She can't, she said. That's the moment in the promo where they kissed. But twist! In the show, it's the moment they decided they don't work and technically broke up. It was over for about 20 seconds. Then they kissed. Shirts were torn. The mindblowing night commenced. (Complete with a broken bed, according to the promo for next episode.)

But what happens in the morning? That's the question…

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