The Vampire Diaries recap: While You Were Sleeping

As Elena and Damon dealt with their toxic relationship, a new doppelgänger entered the story
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 20, 2014

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Ugh, cocky new witch Liv is just as boring as old competent witch Bonnie (or so I thought!). Maybe having Liv try a fire spell atop a wooden bar wasn't the greatest idea, Bon Bon. Good thing she couldn't do it (faker!). Elena left Aaron a message asking him to call her, and then she discovered that Katherine had been writing in her journal. She read about Katherine trying to seduce Stefan in the hotel room and hallucinated her own hot version of it, which ended with her pushing Stefan away and, just like in the opening dream, asking why he didn't recognize that it wasn't her sooner. When Hallucination Elena went to leave the hotel room, Damon was at the door and started a verbal tiff with Stefan. Elena stopped them by saying even dead, Katherine is getting what she wants -- a wedge driven between them. She came to after Hallucination Stefan hinted there was something bad Damon wasn't telling her. Her nose was bleeding.

Enzo, Stefan, Caroline, and the Travelers (led by hot Sloan) met at an abandoned train yard. One of the things Wes had done when he took Enzo from the farmhouse was to make an antidote to the original Ripper virus. The Travelers have that, and since Elena is valuable to them, they were using Wes' resources to make an antidote to her virus as well. But first, they needed to find another Stefan doppelgänger.

Elena called Damon and told him what I hadn't even considered -- the werewolf venom in the virus was slowly killing her. That's why she's been hallucinating her worst fears. He wanted to go to her, but he couldn't. After a failed attempt at phone sex, Damon told her about Caroline and Klaus having hooked up. That distracted her until she started coughing up blood. Then she just wanted to know why Stefan wasn't off hunting Wes and forcing him to make the antidote. Damon admitted he'd killed Wes, but again he didn't mention that Aaron was also dead. Saved by his lunch delivery.

Enzo explained to Caroline and Stefan that Marcos, the leader of the Travelers, needs the blood of the last remaining pair of doppelgängers, which he already has. Only it's not "special" until Stefan's the only version of him left. Intriguing.

Elena hallucinated a conversation with Aaron in which he eventually appeared to have been bitten. She figured it meant that he was dead, but she assumed she'd done it. A cute young guy -- real! -- showed up at the dorm and got Elena to her feet. He'd befriended "Elena" at the Bitter Ball, he said (because yes, Katherine would have a best gay). This gentleman, Luke, had broken up with his boyfriend in Mexico and come back early (he said). Elena wanted to turn him and feed on him, but then she saw fang marks on his neck already, which meant Katherine had been feeding on him while telling him all about Stefan apparently. So Elena sent him to get Bonnie and Liv instead.

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