The Vampire Diaries recap: Gone Girl

As Katherine fights for Nadia's life, she has one more trick up her sleeve
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 6, 2014

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Katherine stormed in and said she was there to see her daughter. As Nadia took her last breaths, she said, "My mother's name is Katherine. I'm looking for her." I teared up. Katherine told her she found her, she's right there. Nadia said her mother's a liar, a murderer, she manipulates, and she betrays, and she'd do anything to survive. Nadia just kept saying she's looking for her mother. Katherine wanted to show her what her life should have been like. Oh god, I started to cry again. She said they had a little cottage. It was an ordinary summer day. Nadia had built a fort that she would show her mother in the morning. Katherine told her good night and to sleep well. And then Nadia died. "Your mother loves you," Katherine said, with a tear falling down her face. Nadia was there outside her body with tears rolling down her cheeks, too. Nadia took Bonnie's hand, disappeared, and Bonnie cried out. Then it was over.

Katherine stood, faced the crowd, and said this is it. Then she bolted for the door. But Damon was there. Katherine wanted to know who had the knife that would finally kill her. She went person-to-person telling Tyler and Caroline how she made them better by helping them become supernatural. She called Matty Blue the best night she never had (but your daughter did!). She told Jeremy it was nice to have a brother for the minute when he wasn't being so annoying and "Bon-Bon" that there was no need for goodbyes because she'd see her on the flip side. She apologized to Damon for making him who he was -- only that was into someone who knew how to love. DAMN, SHE'S GOOD. That left Stefan. She told him she'd always loved him and kissed him -- and that's when he stabbed her. She died on the floor, leaning back against the couch. A little heavy-handed there at the end, making sure the blanket fell off Nadia's face so we could see her? Yes. But go with it.

Jeremy wanted to bury Nadia in the woods as instructed, but Matt picked her dead body up off the couch and said she deserved better. Ah, Matt. Damon and Stefan were impatiently waiting for Elena to wake up and Damon vowed he'd tell Elena everything. Outside, Caroline admitted she felt sad for Katherine, and Tyler used it as a chance to remind her that she sees the good in everyone that's evil. Thank you, Caroline, for finally saying what you ranted to Tyler: His bite just killed someone, and no one's making him feel guilty. She's a vampire who struggles with bad impulses like everyone, and she slept with Klaus after Tyler walked out on her. So, you know, either shut up about it or get out of her life. She's done feeling guilty.

At the church, Bonnie lit a candle for her father. And who was there laughing but Katherine. She said she was sick of Elena getting everything that Katherine had ever wanted. She said Wes had no intention of helping Nadia. After Stefan's call, Katherine had found Wes' tape recorder. He'd extracted the werewolf venom from Nadia's blood and combined it with the ripper virus to make it even more lethal to vampires bitten. Katherine stabbed herself with the super virus. When Elena came to, she found the syringe inside her jacket. If she couldn't have Stefan, Katherine said, then no one can. Katherine was ready now. Only she couldn't pass through Bonnie. I guess Damon saying he'd see her in hell was foreshadowing. It seems Katherine was dragged to hell screaming. Does that mean we can never see her again?

Your turn. What do you think happens next?

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