The Vampire Diaries recap: Bait and Switch

Katherine tries to use Damon's appetite against him, and Stefan and Caroline finally get a clue
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 27, 2014

Bob Mahoney/The CW

"Elena" and Stefan arrived at the house to find Damon moping, blood still on his mouth. He begged them to leave, but Stefan said he wasn't afraid of him. He was, however, smart enough not to come inside, but Katherine saw an opportunity. She wasn't afraid of him either, she said. In she went. Now she couldn't leave. Stefan followed her. Katherine said she'd prove Damon could resist this. She cut her hand. (Think, Stefan!) She practically put her hand in Damon's mouth while saying his love for her was stronger than any craving. Oh, so we were supposed to think Stefan's speech about the power of Elena's love was behind "Elena's" change of heart. Damon, of course, bit Katherine. She subtly kicked a stake in Stefan's direction, but instead of using it, Stefan cut his wrist to draw Damon's attention. When Damon knelt his head to feed, Stefan snapped his neck. Suck it, Katherine!

Tyler apologized for trying to kill Caroline, and Caroline thought that meant he could eventually forgive her for sleeping with Klaus, the man who'd killed his mother. Tyler said that wasn't going to happen. Damon awoke in chains, on his knees in the Salvatore cellar, all groggy -- which was a shame because he couldn't appreciate Stefan's biceps in that T-shirt. Damon told Stefan he would eventually kill him, and Stefan said that as the man who invented the term "Ripper," he could teach him how to control it. Before Damon passed out from the vervain Stefan's been pumping him with, Damon pointed out that Elena had clearly wanted Stefan to kill him. YES! Even if Stefan doesn’t get that "Elena" is Katherine, I thought, that should make "Elena" less attractive to him.

Katherine went to see Nadia to exchange updates and -- hold up -- Tyler DID bite Nadia. Back upstairs at the Salvatores, Caroline showed Stefan that "Help K" text from Nadia's phone and confirmed that Nadia had been compelling Matt. Stefan told her about Elena kissing him and Damon thinking that she'd wanted Stefan to kill him. Caroline said Elena may be mad at Damon, but she'd never want him DEAD. "Help K." Katherine. Nadia stopped Matt from sending it. Nadia knew how to put Katherine in someone else's body. YES. THEY FIGURED IT OUT.

Does this mean Katherine will FINALLY get killed? Do you want her to?

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