The Vampire Diaries recap: Bait and Switch

Katherine tries to use Damon's appetite against him, and Stefan and Caroline finally get a clue
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 27, 2014

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At the hotel, which had more cars passing it than any hotel ever, Katherine attempted to get Stefan drunk while he told her how tough it could be for a man (like him, or Damon) to love her and lose her. Their hands touched when she reached for his glass, and he suddenly had to go wash up. I thought she'd follow him into the shower, but she didn't: She was there to answer Stefan's phone when Enzo called it after chaining Damon to a chair. He told Elena the situation, and she said to text the address to her phone and she and Stefan would be there as soon as they could. I guess running water is too much for vampire hearing because Stefan, who was only stripped down to a black tank top, had no idea what Katherine had been saying. Wes ended up shooting Enzo so he'd bleed, and we got to see how strong a hungry, pissed off Damon was. Very, it turns out. Enzo put up a fight for a second, then Damon grabbed him and bit. Commercial! Surprise! Hot Enzo lives! The Travelers had magically altered his blood so Damon wouldn't be able to finish him off. Wes told Enzo to come with him, because he had one more use for him and then he'd be free. Damon insisted he go. (This is Wes we're talking about, Enzo. Maybe take your chances with Damon?)

Stefan's car was ready, but Katherine was in no hurry to leave. She asked Stefan to grab her a shirt, and then she left the bathroom door open as she played with her hair longer than any woman would. She dropped her towel and lowered the shirt over her torso with her back to Stefan, who was watching. Fully clothed, she walked up behind him, ran her hand up his arm, and then kissed him. I wanted this to be hot, and it would have been if it was real Elena. Stefan broke off the kiss, saying it was wrong because she and Damon just broke up. He went to get the car and she smirked and called Nadia. Her new plan: Go to rescue Damon, but get him to try to bite her so Stefan will have to kill him.

Nadia and Matt were busy playing cards in front of a fire -- so many fireplaces on this show -- and Nadia said out loud that Katherine had plans to make Stefan kill his brother. Matt said what we were all thinking: Katherine will always care more about the man she wants to screw than her daughter. Matt knows this about bad mothers. Man, he's good: The vervain was finally out of his system, and he knew Nadia was about to compel him again, so he pretended he wanted to have sex with her since he'd forget it anyway. She had made his captivity as pleasant as possible after all. THAT was hot... until he took her phone out of her back pocket and texted "Help. K" before Nadia stopped him.

That text went to Caroline. She arrived too late to stop Nadia from compelling Matt again to forget what he wasn't supposed to know, but in time to get into a fight with Nadia. Nadia was about to kill Caroline when Tyler saved her. Nadia barely escaped a werewolf bite (or so we thought). Good boy, Tyler. He and Caroline can be friends.

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