The Vampire Diaries recap: The Devil Inside

Fights for Elena's body and Damon's soul are waged as Caroline's secret comes out
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2014

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Katherine's body looked pretty darn good in the tomb, if you ask me. Traveler Mia was there and rather impatient. In order to seal Katherine's spirit into Elena, they needed some of Elena's blood on a knife that Mia then shoved into Katherine's body and sliced. Ew. Elena came to the forefront as Mia was chanting. She impersonated Katherine and got away with it. Why didn't she run or attack Mia sooner, I wondered. But I guess you would need time to process.

Caroline went to see Tyler, who was drinking again, and he told her to get out. He reminded her of all the people Klaus had killed, including Elena's aunt and his mother. "I walked out last time, now it's your turn," he said. I wanted Caroline to go, but she wouldn't. Tyler wolfed out to scare her, and Stefan was there to push him away and tell him he was drunk. Tyler told Stefan that Caroline had "screwed" Klaus. Caroline did then slink away. "Exactly," Tyler said. Ooh, I wanted to slug him. So did Stefan, who smacked him across the face. "Drunk or not, she doesn't deserve that." There was cheering and rewinding. Stefan is the best.

Back at the tomb, Elena was still listening to the chanting. I was shouting, "Do something, Elena." She finally knocked Mia out and staked Nadia in the stomach and ran. She had the phone, but they'd apparently changed her pin number. Smart. The twist: They didn't need Elena's body to be there. Mia could apparently finish the spell anyway. Katherine's memories started coming to Elena (as seen in flashbacks). I was confused about why Elena wasn't running back to the tomb to try to kill Mia this time. Instead, she was running to the party, where Damon, who hadn't been able to get inside the house without an invite, was. Elena threw herself into Damon's arms, but just as they embraced, the spell was complete. It wasn't as brutal as it should have been because again, I don't believe Elena is gone. Isn't there a knife out there that can fix it, and don't the Travelers have some of Elena's blood, for whatever reason?

Damon launched into a speech about why he wanted Elena back. He said thinking he could change her and make her a worse person gave him too much credit and her too little. She's good, and he needs a little good in his life. Without it, there's an awful lot of darkness. Even though it was Katherine talking, she made the point ELENA could have rightfully made, which is that she doesn't want to be the only thing that he lives for. She doesn't want to worry about what happens if they break up and what he'll do -- like how he tortured Katherine. Karma, Damon. She said Damon was right to let her go and told him it was over. Stefan heard the breakup; Damon assumed a part of him enjoyed it.

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