The Vampire Diaries recap: The Devil Inside

Fights for Elena's body and Damon's soul are waged as Caroline's secret comes out
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2014

Blake Tyers/The CW

Damon was out day-drinking at the Grill and improperly identifying Stefan's you're-being-a-dick face as his pouty face. He still refused to hand over Katherine's body, but he said she's where she always belonged. I immediately guessed the tomb. Caroline met them at the Grill, and Damon found it shocking that she, of all people, wanted to help reunite him with Elena. They all texted "Elena," growing increasingly worried because neither Bonnie nor Jeremy -- who were once again MIA this episode -- had heard from her either. Nadia knew the Scrappy gang were getting suspicious. Katherine suggested she go to Tyler's party and ask Damon where he buried her body. Crash course #2.

Enzo found his way to Salvatore Mansion and was waiting for Damon with Aaron, in a body bag. Modern Enzo isn't as hot as old Enzo -- I miss the hair -- but perhaps that will change when he has more to do than be the devil on Damon's shoulder. Enzo recapped Damon's plight against the Whitmores for us, and then we learned Aaron was still alive: Enzo was giving Damon the option to kill him. If he didn't take it, Enzo said he'd do it.

Katherine had a chat with Stefan and grew increasingly annoyed that he wasn't devastated by her passing. "Stefan, you don't have to hide your feelings." She asked where Katherine had been buried, and Stefan gave her Damon's clue. (THE TOMB!!! Could it have been more obvious?)

Damon was debating on whether or not to kill Aaron when Caroline's call came through, telling him that "Elena" was at Tyler's party. That was enough to make him hold on: He snapped Enzo's neck ("I hate deadlines") and eventually compelled Aaron to get in his car and take the road out-of-town north. Good boy, Damon. For now.

Katherine taking out the garbage at the party and telling a lurking Nadia that she almost felt bad for Elena being the type of person who'd do that kind of thing was great. Katherine went back into the party and Caroline spotted her. Caroline wanted Elena to tell her how horrible she was for sleeping with Klaus, but Katherine had a nice moment: "Actually, you're one of the least awful people I know." Then it was over: When Katherine saw Tyler coming down the stairs, she asked Caroline how sleeping with Klaus compared to sleeping with Tyler. Caroline didn't answer, but Tyler heard the question, as Katherine knew he would, which gave her a chance to flee. Nice V-neck, Tyler, but you should have been wearing a Henley to win me back.

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