The Vampire Diaries recap: Karma is a D---

As Damon and Enzo get bloody, Katherine tries to get close to Stefan
Ep. 12 | Aired Feb 6, 2014

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Caroline tried to get Stefan to be bitter with her, but she was the second person he hadn't come there to dance with. She asked him what he hadn't told Elena, and he spilled the news that Damon killed Aaron. He didn't want to tell Elena because she'd give up on Damon for good, and Damon couldn't be saved after that. Just as Stefan told Caroline that he thinks Damon enjoys confirming people's worst expectations of him, Damon and Bonnie joined the conversation. If Bonnie doesn't get a witch to locate Wes by midnight, Enzo will kill Jeremy. Katherine saw the picture of a bound Jeremy on Bonnie's phone and looked annoyed that she now had to pretend she cared.

Katherine called Nadia to ask if she HAD to save Jeremy, because his death would earn her a lot of sympathy from Stefan (and it's one less person she'd have to worry about outing her as not Elena). But Nadia told her yes, she had to. If she didn't, the game was over. Katherine told Nadia to ask Matty if Caroline had feelings for Stefan. He didn't think so. Nadia left, and Matt, having had that vervain-laced coffee Tyler suggested, was about to tell Tyler about "Elena" when Nadia snapped Tyler's neck. Meanwhile, Katherine hugged Stefan and begged him to help save Jeremy.

Bonnie and Caroline convinced the reluctant newbie witch to try the locator spell with Bonnie's help. The witch, however, is a little pyro-shy and freaked. She can't control her magic, it's done bad things, she wanted to stop. Damon let Enzo threaten Jeremy's life on speaker phone. Bonnie showed the witch a photo of Jeremy, and since he was hot, she agreed to try again. Apparently Damon couldn't just call Enzo. Enzo had to time to suffocate Jeremy to be creative. Stefan and Katherine showed up in time to save him. While Stefan and Enzo fought, Katherine beat on Jeremy's chest until he breathed again. Enzo had thrown a stake at Katherine, and Stefan took it out. Then Damon was there. He told Enzo that Wes was in Richmond. Off they went. Stefan told Damon not to plan on coming back. Damon said he hadn't been. Katherine looked upset, then smiled.

When Tyler came to, Matt told him that Nadia had just wanted to talk about Katherine with someone and knew he wouldn't let her unless she compelled him. He was protecting Tyler, trying to get rid of him. Tyler left, and Matt got in the car with Nadia. He told her he'd figured out that Katherine was inside Elena. Nadia threatened to choke him, but for now, she hasn't decided what she's going to do with him. First step: Get the vervain out of him. Tyler should still be suspicious, right?

At the hospital in Richmond, Enzo and Damon found Wes' hot protector and chanting Travellers waiting for them. The boys were weakened enough that Wes was able to needle Damon. But with what?

Katherine asked Stefan to get the sexy splinter out of her back, which he did. She guessed what he'd tried to tell her earlier -- Aaron was dead and Damon had done it. Katherine wondered why he wasn't honest with her to begin with. Stefan said that ever since he'd noticed Elena falling for Damon, he'd been waiting for Damon to screw up so badly that she'd turn on him. But when it didn't happen, he stopped waiting for Damon to fail because he liked the person he had become, and he doesn't want to lose that person. Katherine said she'd help save Damon now -- for Stefan. They hugged, and Caroline walked in. Calm down, shippers!

Damon was worried that Wes had injected him with his cannibal vampire venom and, after Damon freed the hot janitor vamp from his chains, we learned Wes had. It's karma, Damon realized. He fed on the vamp until the guy's head popped off. With blood dripping out Damon' s mouth, Enzo realized this was a problem.

Let the fun begin (again).

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