The Vampire Diaries recap: Karma is a D---

As Damon and Enzo get bloody, Katherine tries to get close to Stefan
Ep. 12 | Aired Feb 6, 2014

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While Enzo was digging some shallow graves in the woods, Stefan asked him nicely to leave. The minute Enzo handed Stefan that shovel, Stefan should have broken off the handle and staked him. Instead, he knocked him down and threatened him. Enzo shoved the handle into his own torso and told Stefan there was nothing he could do to him that hadn't been done -- a nice way to remind us that Enzo was made to be this much of a dick. Stefan put the shovel to Enzo's throat and said when he does do something, it will be final.

Back at their dorm, Caroline busted Katherine -- for accessorizing -- but Katherine was saved when Stefan called to ask Elena to meet so they could talk about Enzo. Katherine took the opportunity to suggest he come to the Bitter Ball. He's been to college twice so he declined, but Katherine always gets her way.

Katherine texted Nadia to ask Matt who Enzo was, but before she could, Tyler came in. Matt tried to steer him clear of Nadia, but once Nadia said she was grieving her mother, Tyler was even more turned on. "She's sorry, her mom's dead, let's do shots," Tyler told Matt. Tyler isn't 21, Matt. Maybe you shouldn't be serving him in a restaurant? Or be drinking yourself since you're underage and working? Just a thought. The three of them were actually pretty adorable though trading mom horror stories: "My mom hooked up with you," Matt reminded Tyler. Everyone drink! Nadia's game was pretty smart: She was making Tyler drink enough that he'd have to use the men's room, because hybrids pee, which would give her a moment to ask Matt about Enzo. Except she apparently didn't know that hybrids still have vamp hearing. Tyler overheard her. She didn't mention Katherine, but he knew she was using Matt for something she didn't want him to remember.

Jeremy showed up to escort Bonnie to the dance that they couldn't actually attend together because it was for singles. I guess the writers just wanted us to know that Jeremy and Bonnie have been in a hotel room having sex when we haven't seen them in episodes. Damon appeared and said he was there to kidnap Jeremy. Why? Because he's going to use him as leverage so Bonnie, who's magic-less, will be motivated to find a witch on campus who can use a locator spell to find Wes. Seeing Damon threaten Jeremy like that -- I 100 percent believed he'd kill him now. Enzo was there to drive the point home -- Bonnie had to help. I want the Damon that didn't chew the scenery back.

Speaking of scenery, for a Bitter Ball, there were a lot of heart decorations at that dance. Katherine instantly got Stefan on the dance floor and told him she was happy she was done with Damon. She'd tried to fix him, but he'd changed her, and she wasn't sure she liked who she was now. Did Stefan like her or miss the old her? Change of subject. Caroline saw "Elena" getting close to Stefan and led her away to the shredding station. Was she jealous? Was she just protecting Stefan from an "Elena" who was feeling reckless?

At the shredder, Caroline got rid of a picture of her and Tyler and the famed horse drawing Klaus had done for her. (Noooo!) Caroline was trying to make the point that the past should stay in the past and not become the present because you're bored. Katherine got the hint, but went back to Stefan. Damon and Bonnie arrived at the ball looking for the witch, who Bonnie had found out worked events catering. How convenient.

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