The Vampire Diaries recap: A Toast to Katherine

Katherine's impending death in the 100th episode brings familiar faces, devious moves, and scandalous sex!
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 23, 2014

RAISE A SHOTGLASS Caroline (Candice Accola), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wait for Katherine to die. Good luck with that!.

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Back to Klaus and Caroline. Klaus wanted to know if he were to abandon his revenge against Katherine, would Caroline offer him the same choice as Tyler? Meaning, her. Caroline didn't want him to distract her when Matt's life was in danger, but Klaus assured her that he'd heard Matt's call for help and that Matt would be happy with his rescuer. We all knew it'd be Rebekah: "I'm gone not three months and look at the trouble you're in," she told him after freeing him. They exchanged nice smiles. (Maybe more off-screen?)

Katherine was not happy because Damon refused to leave her alone. He got in her head and made her see Jenna holding the kitchen knife, which she used to stab Katherine in the stomach. And then Uncle John appeared and delivered the zinger, "Hello, fingers, goodbye fingers." And then... "Enough!" It was Elijah, and he was in a suit, and all was right in the world for a few precious seconds. Katherine touched his face. "You're here," she said. But it was Damon's face, really. He told her no one was coming to say goodbye because no one cares. "I do," Nadia said, snapping Damon's neck. He deserved it. You do not dangle Elijah in front of a lady.

Still bleeding, Stefan made a joke about it being a good thing that he's not claustrophobic anymore. Elena realized that Katherine had helped him through that. Still, she wanted to hate her anyway. Fine, but Stefan said he couldn't. He can't stop rooting for her to find peace. And Damon, too. He told Elena to not give up on Damon like she hadn't given up on him. He told her to not let Damon give up on her either. Stefan really is the most decent guy around. I actually believed he was over Elena in this episode and ready to move on. The Travellers took the blood they needed and then Elena and Stefan were free to go. What was that all about? Time will tell.

Nadia and the Traveller Mia were at Katherine's bedside now. All Katherine had to do was repeat some phrase and she'd be a passenger in Nadia's body. Then Mia would say something to call Katherine forth. But hold up: Katherine told Nadia that letting her father rip Nadia out of her arms was the biggest regret of her life. She knew she should've fought harder, which is what she'd spent the next 500 years doing. She'd lived a long full life and gotten to know her daughter. (Seeing Nadia tear up, I got chills.) She told Nadia it was her turn to live now. As Damon started coming to from his snapped neck, he heard Katherine say that she'd made selfish decisions all her life, and Nadia had to let her make the right decision for once. Nadia said she'd let her go, but she wouldn't sit by and watch her die. Nadia left and Katherine injected herself with more sedatives.

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