The Vampire Diaries recap: A Toast to Katherine

Katherine's impending death in the 100th episode brings familiar faces, devious moves, and scandalous sex!
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 23, 2014

RAISE A SHOTGLASS Caroline (Candice Accola), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wait for Katherine to die. Good luck with that!.

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Stefan had come downstairs to chastise everyone for being insensitive enough to celebrate Katherine's death. I agree with him, by the way. Damon told Stefan not to be fooled, and Stefan finally did a shot -- but he said he was drinking to Katherine the survivor. Naturally, Damon blamed that on Stefan having had one night of hot sex with Katherine. Cue Elena and Bonnie being shocked, and Elena also learning that Nadia was Katherine's daughter. Do these people not text anymore?

Nadia popped in to tell everyone she needed help to save Katherine. No one would volunteer, which is why she'd buried Matt in the safe Stefan had spent the summer in, somewhere on the grounds. She correctly guessed that Elena and Stefan would rise to the occasion. Nadia said a Traveller
could teach Katherine how to take a ride in a new body -- hers. Meanwhile, Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy went looking for Matt but really weren't all that focused, if you ask me, because Caroline figured out that Bonnie and Jeremy were sleeping together and Elena doesn't yet know. "Scandalous sex, even better!" Caroline said, before lamenting the fact that she's the only one NOT having that at the moment. Oh, give yourself time, Caroline. It's coming. (Pun intended. Champagne!)

I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea for DAMON to be in charge of watching over Katherine, but we found out how he was entertaining himself when he showed up in her memory of the moment she discovered her family had been massacred by Klaus. He told her it was all her fault. In reality, Damon was standing above her about to suffocate her with a pillow. I laughed (it was a nice cut), but felt guilty about it. Liz Forbes was there to stop him. It would be murder, she said, and she didn't want to have to do the paperwork. Every awful thing he's ever done was linked to Katherine, he said. She taught him how to kill, to enjoy it -- she'd ruined him. Liz told him not to let Katherine have that power over him any longer. He could prove her wrong.

Now THIS is where things started getting good. Caroline had separated from Bonnie and Jeremy and was calling out for Matt in the woods when she stumbled upon Klaus. Samantha called it: "Oh yeah, up against a tree," she said. It'd be fitting, I noted, since it's where Klaus and Caroline almost did it once before when he was in Tyler's body. Before we got to that payoff, we saw Nadia deliver the doppelgängers to the Traveller, Mia, who was going to help her save Katherine. Nadia bolted the house, and Elena and Stefan realized their day rings no longer worked. A pack of chanting Travellers trapped them in a corner, where they wouldn't burn.

Klaus wanted to talk to Caroline, but she had no time to chat because Matt was buried alive. "I literally just whooshed at the sight of your face," she told him, using her vamp speed to get away from him. But of course he could keep up. He told her that Damon had let him know that Katherine had taken a tragic turn, so Caroline correctly assumed that he'd come to gloat. Change of topic: He also heard that Caroline and Tyler had broken up. She confirmed it was because Tyler had chosen his revenge fantasy against Klaus over her. Hold that thought...

Liz had brought sedatives to help Katherine with the pain, but Katherine didn't want to take any because they'd make her weak, and that's when Damon could get inside her head. When she told Liz about his breakup with Elena, Damon injected her anyway. What he saw was a flashback to Mystic Falls in 1864 that we'd never seen before: Katherine first spotting handsome Stefan when her driver stopped to see if Stefan needed assistance with his busted carriage. Would his family take in a poor orphan girl from Atlanta? Katherine wanted Damon to see how fate had brought the doppelgängers together. Speaking of the doppelgängers, we cut back to more chanting as Stefan and Elena remained calm enough to quip about their predicament being awkward and them having chosen the wrong day to be in a fight. Elena apologized for her earlier judgment about him having slept with Katherine and admitted it wasn't her place. Why, Elena? Because you repeatedly slept with his brother? Then, one guy slit their wrists and they bled into nice buckets. They weren't healing. And still, they didn't seem all that concerned about this.

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