The Vampire Diaries recap: O Bloody Night

While Damon and Jeremy have breakthroughs, Tyler's plan to take out Klaus ends badly (but awesomely)
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS We've got our love of Steven R. McQueen's biceps to keep us warm until the show returns.

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I'm going to continue to skip around. Back at Salvatore Mansion, Caroline was freaking out because Matt couldn't find April and she couldn't reach Tyler. Stefan was more   sedate. He was thinking some deep thoughts about Klaus: He actually felt a little guilty when he saw Klaus being led away to slaughter (well, more like slumber, or you'd all be dead, Stefan). Caroline admitted she felt bad, too. Stefan said they’ve all done horrible things. What makes them any better than Klaus? It's that they have family they can trust. Speaking of trust, Caroline asked if he had heard from Damon and whether Damon had mentioned where Elena is. Caroline wouldn't say more, but she didn't have to: "How together are they? Caroline, tell me. How together are they?" he asked. He knew. Last we saw him, he was throwing a tantrum. On the one hand, I  like seeing Stefan slightly undone -- it makes him more relatable than Saint Stefan. On the other, I hate that he doesn't know all the facts. Because...

Earlier, as Damon watched Elena and Jeremy decide which Christmas ornaments to bring back to their house, Damon sat outside on the deck and watched her. Elena took out plastic mistletoes and wanted a kiss, but Damon wouldn't do it. He said it was good to see her normal like that with her brother. He wants that for her. The truth is, of course, that Damon wants that with his brother, too. He misses celebrating Christmas with Stefan, which used to be their favorite holiday when they were human.

Damon was ready to do the right thing: He told her she’s gonna go home. He’s gonna stay there with Jeremy and teach him how to hunt, protect himself, and kill vampires without her. "I’m setting you free Elena. This is what I want. This is what will make me happy," he said. Later, we saw Jeremy thank Bonnie and hug her goodbye. Bonnie was going to drive Elena home. Elena told Damon she was prepared to fight him on this, but suddenly, every part of her body was telling her she needs to get in the car and leave him. She kissed him goodbye. Simple and gentle, but almost like she thought she should, not because the passion was there.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you happy Klaus is killing again? Is it going to be Klaus against the world now? (I miss that, really.) How angry do you want Stefan to be with Damon and Elena for doing the deed? Should Jeremy only wear tank tops from now on? What does Shane really want from Silas -- is the cure a way to bring back the dead, so he can see his wife and child again and Hayley can meet her birth parents? And where's Tyler gonna go now that Klaus wants him dead?

Happy holidays, friends. 'Til Jan. 17th!

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