The Vampire Diaries recap: O Bloody Night

While Damon and Jeremy have breakthroughs, Tyler's plan to take out Klaus ends badly (but awesomely)
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 13, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS We've got our love of Steven R. McQueen's biceps to keep us warm until the show returns.

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Okay, now Professor Shadypants' history lesson take two: As we learned earlier this season, Silas was a warlock who, with the help of his best friend witch, made an immortality spell. The lady friend got jealous when Silas wanted to make another girl immortal, so she killed Silas' girl before he could do it. Cursed to spend eternity without his one true love, Silas found a way to reverse the immortality spell, but before he had a chance to take it, his friend buried him underground leaving him and the cure to rot. Shane told Damon and Elena if they dig up Silas, they'll find the cure. When Jeremy's mark is complete, it will have the map that contains the spell to dig up Silas. He won't reveal Silas' location, because that's how he'll stay alive. He'll lead them there.

Damon phoned Stefan with the news that they no longer need the sword, so Caroline could go tell Tyler they were in favor of his plan with one small change -- put Klaus' essence in Rebekah, who's daggered. Tyler was thrilled with the alternative but Hayley wasn't. She texted Shane that they had a problem and the plan was falling apart. He told her to fix it. So, after Caroline phoned Bonnie and confirmed that the dagger should work on Klaus if he's in Rebekah's body and found out that Elena was actually there with Damon, Hayley snapped her neck.

Shane had to do some quick thinking of his own: Damon told Elena his theory about Shane having killed the pastor and 11 others in that gas explosion. Shane said the pastor had lost his wife to cancer and sought him out for supernatural assistance. But the pastor was too far gone. Elena said she trusts Shane. That discussion got interrupted by Jeremy and Bonnie, who were ready to prove Jeremy could play nicely now. "Jeremy, remember the detour. Choose the right path," Shane said, as Jeremy walked toward Elena with a wooden stake in his hand. Damon stepped in between them, and Jeremy looked at a smiling Bonnie and handed the wood to Damon. Then he reached Elena and hugged her. AHHH. Sweet. So is Jeremy supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy about Bonnie and then remember that's how he feels about Elena, or is he supposed to not want to disappoint Bonnie by killing someone she clearly trusts and cares for (which, then, is kinda like a sire bond, no?).

To fix her problem, Hayley presumably told Klaus about the hybrids revolting, apparently. As some readers have pointed out in our instant react, shouldn't Stefan's vamp hearing have overheard what Hayley told Klaus, and then Stefan would know that Tyler and the hybrids were in danger? Klaus didn't let on that he'd just found out his hybrid family had betrayed him. He just told Stefan that when Stefan's being dodgy and Caroline's being kind, something is usually up. Stefan was honest and said he'd been looking for the sword because he doesn't trust Klaus. He told Klaus he'd found the love letters, and Klaus said they're his victims, which is not unlike Ripper Stefan writing their names on a wall. It's all about the loneliness, Klaus said. That's why the two of them memorialize the dead. The moment before they kill them, they hold their lives in their hands, then they rip it away. The letters and names are reminders that they’re left infinitely and utterly alone. Interesting but confusing: So are those letters that Klaus writes to his victims or letters he takes from his victims' belongings?

Caroline finally came to in the bathroom, but not before Miss Mystic Falls April found her with no pulse and heard her leave a message for Stefan saying that "that little werewolf slut" Hayley was determined to ruin the plan, so he better go to the cellar to make sure Rebekah's body is still there. Caroline compelled April to forget, but she, of course, didn't know until Matt told her that April is wearing Jeremy's vervain bracelet.

While Adrian was leading Klaus to the cellar, Tyler was running late because he was leaving his mother a message saying there'd been a change of plans and he'd come to pick her up later. Tyler ran into Hayley and asked why she wasn't leading the witch to the cellar, and that's when Hayley finally told Tyler that there was no witch. "They," meaning her and Shane need Klaus for the sacrifice. And cut to Klaus leading poor Adrian up to the hybrids waiting above ground in the woods and ripping his heart out from behind. Then, it was pure awesomeness as Klaus used that sword for decapitations and ripped out more hearts.

Hayley told Tyler that if he ran now, he might make it out alive. Kim ran down into the cellar and after she couldn't tell Klaus where Tyler was, he finished the job he started on her earlier. Later, when Tyler was shown viewing the carnage in the woods (I teared up) and then Kim's body in the cellar, we saw that April had actually been hiding in the cellar. She opened the coffin and saw Rebekah. What's April's next move? Set Rebekah free? Let's hope so. With Klaus' hybrids gone, he best start rebuilding the bond with her. Plus, they can go on a rampage together.

Let's stay with Tyler, we don't know where he fled to. His mom called him and said he was supposed to be her sober cab. She sat down by the fountain in the town square, and that's when Klaus walked up, champagne bottle in hand. He was still bloody. She begged him not to hurt Tyler, because he's her son and all she has. Klaus said that went both ways -- she's all Tyler has. And, he grabbed her and dunked her head in the fountain and drowned her as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" played.

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