The Vampire Diaries recap: The Long Goodbye

Stefan and Damon try to save Elena from the hunter's curse at the expense of more than one relationship
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 15, 2012

BREAKDOWN AND BREAKUP Elena (Nina Dobrev) made half the show's fan base happy.

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Back at the school, Shane gave a lecture on what is believed to be the first tombstone. April told Matt that she remembered she knew him through her dad. Shhh, April. We're trying to listen to Shane. Apparently this tombstone belonged to a male witch, Silas, who was so powerful, he created a spell that made him immortal. He performed it with the help of a lady witch who loved him named Qetsiyah (and yes, I confirmed that spelling). Sadly, Silas wanted to grant another woman immortality, so Qetsiyah killed her and buried him alive -- leaving Silas powerless, immortal, and alone. It's said that Silas wants to rise again to regain his power and wreak havoc on the world. Should we be afraid, or is it just a rock? I'm guessing we should be afraid. The only question is: Should we be frightened of Shane's motivations, too?

After we watched Katherine torture Elena by saying she'd end up being as bad as her, which we know Stefan hates, we cut back to Bonnie bringing Shane to meet Damon in Alaric's old classroom. That was a sweet moment, seeing Damon tip the bottle of bourbon to Alaric, who wasn't seen this time. Damon showed Shane the drawing of the hunter's mark and asked him if he knew anything about the curse. He did: If a hunter is killed by that which he hunts, the killer will walk the world tormented until a new hunter is awakened and their legacy is passed on. So apparently this involves something more than Jeremy seeing the mark. I guessed that he'd have to kill a vampire and add to the mark to transition from being a potential hunter to an active one. Makes sense.

When Tyler and Stefan met with Chris, Tyler assured his fellow hybrid that Klaus wouldn't be back anytime soon to catch them freeing Elena. That's because Caroline saddled up next to Klaus in a sexy tank top at the Grill, which, as she pointed out, looks pretty good considering there had just been an explosion there, like, the day before. Seriously, it's time for another restaurant, people. She asked Klaus to give back Elena. He said he wouldn't for Elena's own good. Then, the conversation turned to Tyler. "Just know that if Tyler was still sired to me, he never would have hurt you. I wouldn't have let him," Klaus said. Ah. I am such a sucker. He asked to buy her a drink, and she accepted. He smiled so sweetly.

Chris told the two hybrids watching Elena's door that Klaus said they should go see Tyler. Katherine had Elena so frayed talking about how Bonnie must really hate her after all she's lost because of Elena, that Elena snapped when she saw Connor enter the room. She stabbed him with a sword and bolted again. It was really Stefan, of course.

Stefan called Damon to ask him to find Elena because she'd listen to him (interesting). And Damon told Stefan they'd figured out how to stop the hallucinations, and Jeremy was ready. Stefan texted the news to Caroline, who had the unenviable task of coming clean to Klaus about both the real reason she was distracting him and Stefan having lost Elena again. But, she told him, they'd figured out the cure as well.

Elena found herself walking to the only place she could if she was going to die (again) -- the Wickery Bridge. She had Connor on one side and Katherine on the other. When she got to the bridge, her mother appeared and told her it was okay. She got Elena to finally say she was a monster and deserved to die. Elena took off her day ring and dropped it in the water below. When the sun comes up, she'd burn.

After a commercial break, Elena had second thoughts. She couldn't leave Jeremy. But her mother assured her that Jeremy would still have her -- as a ghost that helped her, not a monster that hurt her. This was like the opposite of Harry Potter's walk in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- not comforting at all. It made me want to read that chapter again. Anyway, Damon showed up and soon enough, Elena was seeing Connor instead of him. Would Jeremy kill a vampire in time? Yes. Because Klaus had the perfect victim for Jeremy -- Chris. Klaus let Chris think he was letting him leave, but Stefan was behind the door and staked him in the stomach so he couldn't fight back. Stefan apologized to Tyler, and then Jeremy decapitated Chris with an axe. With Jeremy being a hunter, get used to seeing that blood splatter on his face, friends! Jeremy's mark grew, and Connor disappeared. Bye, biceps! I'll miss you most of all! But now the sun was rising, and Elena began blistering and smoking. She called for Damon, and he grabbed her and jumped off the bridge into the water.

Elena woke up in her bed at home with the day ring back on her finger. Damon had fished it out of the river. She grabbed his hand and thanked him for saving her life. They were sitting on her bed. He could have taken advantage of her heightened sense of gratitude. But he didn't. He didn't leave go of her hand, but he told her, "I am about to take a very high, annoying road and tell you something..." He told her everything Stefan had been doing was for her, and that there may be a cure to turn her human again. Wouldn't she have to be told the truth anyway now that Jeremy is a hunter and will need to kill vampires to lead them to that cure?

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