The Vampire Diaries recap: The Killer

Stefan's not the only one keeping a secret after another plan goes kaboom
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

REMEMBER WHEN YOU TWO SMILED? Neither do we, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley).

Bob Mahoney

Back at the college, Bonnie had spent seven hours with Professor Shane, though she hadn't realized it. He told her she didn't have to be afraid of the spirits or anyone because she has a power of her own that she hasn't even approached yet -- and she's stronger than them. He told her to close her eyes, say she didn't have to be afraid and mean it, and she'd be able to light the candle on his desk. She said it, but the candle didn't light. However, every other candle in his office did. Beautiful image, but I don't understand how his hypnosis works. Is he able to throw her thoughts in whatever direction he wants without speaking?

Next we saw Elena, she was digging a grave to bury Connor in the woods. She hadn't taken the time to wipe her bloody mouth. That always puzzles me. She sobbed when Stefan and Damon showed up. She's pissed: Stefan said he'd protect Jeremy and save her from killing Connor, and he hadn't. Damon had told her to kill Connor, and she had. Now she's overwhelmed because she killed someone. YES, SOMEONE WHO TRIED TO KILL YOU, STEFAN, AND JEREMY, ALONG WITH APRIL, AND MATT, AND TYLER, AND THE LIST GOES ON. I know her emotions are heightened, but shouldn't the forgiveness because it was self-defense also be heightened?

Back at Tyler's, Caroline walked in on Tyler comforting Hayley over the loss of Dean and freaked out on him. Tyler isn't the douche we thought he was! He told Caroline he'd rather have Klaus think he boned Hayley than know the truth, which is that he and Hayley want to help other hybrids break their sire bond. If Klaus finds that out, he'll kill them all. Ah, so is Caroline going to pretend she's broken up with Tyler and flirt with Klaus to keep him distracted? Fun!

I guess hunters can be killed that easily. After Matt and Jeremy convinced a freshly compelled April to wear a vervain-soaked bracelet (what? she's a teen girl, so of course she'll wear a bracelet that two hot boys said looks good on her every day?), Jeremy saw a tattoo on his hand. WHOOOAAAA. Jeremy gets a major story line! How is this gonna play out? Will Jeremy keep it a secret, or will he eventually tell someone about the tattoo and then they'll have to decide if endangering himself to become a hunter is worth it to turn Elena human again? (And where are these vampires coming from that he's supposed to kill in that latter scenario?)

At Salvatore Mansion, Stefan moped around in a white tank (thank you!), because Elena won't speak to him other than to say she wants to be alone. Damon and Stefan agreed not to tell Elena that she killed her (alleged) chance at becoming human again. Stefan's new plan is to hope Klaus, who found the sword, doesn't kill him for losing Connor and a hybrid, and then search for another hunter. (So each of the Five must have passed along his mark?) Damon said he'd help, but he wanted to know one thing: Does Stefan want to cure Elena because she's a vampire and she's not cut out to be, or because he can't love her if she's a vampire? Stefan said he'll always love her, so it's because she's not supposed to be a vampire. Damon said he wanted to make one thing clear: He's fine with her either way, so if he's doing this, he's doing it for Stefan. That was probably my favorite scene of the episode. It's nice to have the brothers back on the same side and hear that music that makes me think of Scandal.

After taking a tortured shower, Elena journaled some more about how the worst feeling isn't when you lose someone, it's when you lose yourself. She started seeing drops of blood, then splotches that led her into the bathroom. Blood was everywhere. Written on the mirror was "Killer." Was she hallucinating because one of those werewolf-venom nails grazed her? That would be lame. No. As we saw in the promo for next week, Klaus reveals there's some consequences for killing a hunter. Looks like she's going mad! And even better, something brings Katherine back to town! Could she have killed a hunter in her day and know how to make Elena sane again? Thank god she's here. Her bite is one way to balance out sad Elena.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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