The Vampire Diaries recap: The Killer

Stefan's not the only one keeping a secret after another plan goes kaboom
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 8, 2012

REMEMBER WHEN YOU TWO SMILED? Neither do we, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley).

Bob Mahoney

When Stefan met up with the Scrappy Gang, Damon already had a plan in motion to go in hard and fast. Caroline's mom had police cars blocking off the street, Tyler had called in the hybrids, and Damon asked Caroline to get "the wicked witch of the west" to come out of retirement. Stefan told them they weren't all going. "He shot me like nine times. If we're killing him, I want in," Tyler said. Ha! Stefan explained that they have to figure out what they're walking into since Connor is known for setting traps and having werewolf venom. Smart.

Caroline couldn't reach Bonnie because Professor Shane had her turn off her cell phone during her witch therapy session. That started with him making self-deprecating jokes about the books he's written, making her tea, and then making her take off her earring with hypnosis. Hypnosis, he says, is how he'll make her confront her fear and guilt of practicing magic again and "remove it." Note to self: If I ever undergo hypnosis, have someone I trust in the room to make sure I'm not being told to do anything I don't want to do.

While Stefan was busy phoning Klaus and asking him to get his hybrids onboard with his plan, Damon found Alaric's map of the tunnels that conveniently provide an entrance to the Grill. Since Connor doesn't know she's a vampire yet, Elena wanted to offer to trade herself for the hostages. Damon rightfully thought that was a stupid idea (at least for now) because she's not ready to go up against a professional killer. A mock fight ensued that ended with Elena straddling Damon on the bed. (Cheers.) She said Jeremy was the only thing holding her together, and he promised they'd get him out.

Jeremy was fine for the moment. Connor wanted to show him his homemade bomb of nails soaking in werewolf venom. He told Jeremy he's really doing this so he can learn his own story. Connor sent Matt and April into the back, but he made sure they knew all the doors were rigged so they wouldn't try to escape. Is it wrong that I kind of want bumbling April to die already?

Damon wondered why Stefan was making references to Klaus in his plan. He was going to make a move with or without Stefan, so Stefan had to vervain Damon with some of Alaric's stash. (Also handy!) Stefan didn't tell Elena the truth -- he said he was worried that Damon would get Jeremy out and then go after Connor with no regard for Matt and April's lives. He's probably right. Elena wanted to go with Stefan, but he told her she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt if she had to defend herself and kill Connor. Really? He's threatening to kill three people she cares about, I think that should be taken into consideration. Still, Stefan told her trusting him this time was the most important thing he's ever asked her to do. So she agreed. They kissed, and he was gone.

At Lockwood Mansion, Caroline finally met Hayley and found out she'd been crashing with "Ty." Tyler was trying to convince hybrid Dean that he didn't have to follow Klaus' orders to capture Connor with non-lethal force. Tyler called Klaus, who threatened to tell Caroline the secret about his little friend Hayley in Appalachia, so Tyler backed down. Didn't Tyler realize that Caroline's vampire hearing would have picked up Klaus' voice? We saw the crushed look on her face.

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