The Vampire Diaries season finale recap: A Whole New World

The cure was digested, but all the twists in this episode will take a while
Ep. 23 | Aired May 16, 2013

TAKE IT OFF Elena (Nina Dobrev) wanted to see Damon (Ian Somerhalder) shirtless -- and it really was life or death.

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Back at Salvatore Mansion, Elena stormed into a room for a change. Damon said he wanted to apologize, but then realized he wasn't sorry. Yes, he'd rather die than be human, both because he didn't want to age and because he didn't want to age while she remained the same. He's selfish, and no apology would encompass all the reasons he's wrong for her, he said. Elena said she wasn't going to apologize either then. She's not sorry she met him. Not sorry that in death, he's the one who made her feel more alive. Not sorry that even though she knows it'll be the worst decision she's made, she's in love with him. "I love you, Damon,"  she said. And he kissed her. This time it was real. We could enjoy it. I mean, until we cut to Stefan sitting alone in the house with tears in his eyes. Having busted Lexi earlier for eavesdropping, it was her turn to walk up behind him and say, "Now, who's eavesdropping?" She put her hand on his shoulder and he held it. HEARTBREAKING.

Stefan decided he was really going to bury Silas in the quarry and Damon offered to go along with him. Stefan said he had Lexi coming. Being the great guy that he is, Stefan told Damon he's not happy about Elena, but he's not NOT happy for him. The best you could hope for in that situation.

It was time for the veil to go up, so Jeremy wimped out and wrote Elena a letter before coming to look for Bonnie. He wanted to be with her when she sealed it. He eventually told her there was so much he wanted to say to her but nothing seemed right. She told him not to speak. Instead, they kissed. When the veil was up, Jeremy gasped for air. That's when Bonnie knew: The spell that had killed her had worked. He was alive. He was so happy, until he realized he couldn't feel her hands on his face. She's the ghost now. She made him promise to tell Caroline and Elena that she was staying with her mother for summer -- which I suppose would be believable since she's always unseen for random periods of time. She told him she'd be okay -- she had Grams, who was there to walk off with her hand-in-hand, and the other witches. (But don't the other witches kind of hate you, Bonnie? But enjoy that!)

Since Elena was off looking for Bonnie and Jeremy, Alaric was with Damon. "You got the girl, man," Alaric said. "I got the girl," Damon said. "Now don't screw it up," Alaric said. "Well, with you lookin' over my shoulder, how can I?" Damon said. And Alaric was gone.

Stefan and Lexi were in his car, and she was trying to get him to go to New York or Las Vegas -- anywhere to start living his life. What if Elena was the one, Stefan asked. She was, Lexi said. She'll always be an epic love, but there can be multiple of those. Especially for a vampire. The only way to find another one was to let go and move on. He said he'd never been to Portland, and she was gone. "See you, Lexi," he said. For the record: I agree with Lexi. My sister has always said she believes we have like five people we could be perfectly happy with. It's just a matter of when you decide to stop looking and commit to one of them. That's really comforting until you realize all five of your guys have apparently chosen to be with one of their other four women before meeting you.

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