The Vampire Diaries recap: The Walking Dead

As Bonnie works her magic, some familiar faces return (and one says goodbye?)
Ep. 22 | Aired May 9, 2013

RIP Bonnie (Kat Graham) gets to be reunited with Jeremy?

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Damon and Elena came inside, but he didn't want her to go underground because he was afraid Katherine would kill her or Elena would kill Katherine and then feel too much. So Elena staked him and went on her way. In the hellmouth (it's not one, but I miss using that Buffy term), Bonnie made Silas' headstone drip Qetsiyah's calcified blood -- that was awesome. Spooky and simple. The veil was down.

As Damon struggled above in a hallway to get the stake out of his gut, someone walked up. Alaric! Exactly who I wanted it to be. "Need a hand?" he asked. Man, I've missed that smirk. Thanks for getting canceled, Cult. Alaric pulled out the stake, but slight problem: Damon wasn't sure it wasn't Silas. "So this is either really good or really bad," Damon said. "It's good to see you, too, Damon," Alaric answered. He proved it was really him by opening up Locker 42, and taking out a bottle of their favorite booze. When they hugged, I teared up. Alaric told Damon the veil is only down within the triangle, so not everyone has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls (like looking after their idiot best friends -- best friends!). That's a clever way to explain why we're not seeing tons of supes, and yet, wouldn't you want to come across and touch things in the real world if you could -- even if it wasn't in a place where you had business.

Rebekah was using the blackout to make a serious move on Matt at the candle-lit Grill when Kol returned. He wanted Matt to tell him where Elena was, and when Matt wouldn't, he threw a broken bottle top at him. Weak, Kol.

Down in the hellmouth, Katherine heard someone coming, so Bonnie gave her more leash so she could go stop them. It was Elena, who managed to stake Katherine in the stomach. Bonnie felt it, too, and bled. Elena could've finished Katherine off (really?), but Stefan had heard from Bonnie about the link, so he stopped Elena. Katherine bolted.

Rebekah pulled the glass out of Matt's shoulder and offered to give him her blood to fix him. He didn't want it, he said, because people have a bad habit of turning into vamps in this town and he wanted to graduate as a human. Rebekah went to get the First Aid kit from the kitchen and found Caroline sitting, mumbling, and slicing her wrists. So it was Silas posing as Caroline at the school, and after Bonnie told him about her plan to speak to Qetsiyah, he revealed himself. Bonnie had thought he couldn't get inside her head anymore -- because that's what he wanted her to think, he said. He appeared as himself (or is that not even him?), as Caroline, and as Stefan. He'll always be one step ahead of her, he told her. Candice Accola makes the best faux Silas, after Joseph Morgan, right?

Stefan explained to Elena why he'd stopped her, but she didn't want to hear it. They argued over Katherine, and Stefan told her what she needed to do was not kill her doppelgänger but face her grief. He thought it was good when she transferred her rage onto him. Nope, she said she could hate two people at the same time. She punched him good when he tried to stop her from leaving.

Matt called Damon and gave him the update on Silas and Caroline. Caroline was still determined to cut off her wrists -- until Rebekah smacked her back to her senses. "BITCH!" Caroline said. "There is the Caroline I know and loathe," Rebekah said. Yay, all is well in the world again.

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