The Vampire Diaries recap: The Switch

As the boys work on No Humanity Elena, Silas does a number on Caroline and Bonnie strikes a deal
Ep. 21 | Aired May 2, 2013

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Katherine began her torture of Elena by reaching into Elena's body to touch her heart. The bloody hand afterward = awesome. But Katherine wasn't just there for kicks. She wanted to know what Elena had said to turn Elijah against her. After they verbally sparred, Katherine said Elena wouldn't last a week as a vampire without everyone fawning all over her. But she'd like to see her try...

Katherine saddled up to Damon to remind us again that EVERYONE thinks Elena will go back to Stefan once she gets her humanity back. Stefan burst in to say Elena was gone. Katherine hadn't locked her in. She wanted to see her escape and raise hell, which would be more entertaining. Damon decided to take Matt with him as bait.

Caroline arrived at her house and smartly dialed her mother's cell phone to make sure it was her. (Was that already Silas, or did Liz accidentally leave him in later?) Meanwhile, hungry Elena stumbled through the woods, and Matt found her. He thought reminding her of their friendship would keep her from feeding on him. He was wrong.

Bonnie showed up at Caroline's, and Caroline wasn't sure it was her. Bonnie grew angry because she could see it wasn't the real Liz standing behind Caroline. It was Silas. As Caroline ran to her mother, who was collapsed and bleeding in another room, Silas made Bonnie promise that she would help him. She told him she'd just been gathering her strength, etc., and she was in. If she breaks her promise, she'll have to answer to him, he said. That seemed pretty obvious, right? Caroline tried to feed her mother some blood and couldn't get any into her. Let's say she's still breathing but too weak to drink. Can Caroline cut herself and put blood in the wound, I wondered. (I didn't know Liz had a medical kit nearby.)

In the woods, Elena kicked Matt because she wanted him to wake up so she could feed again. The Salvatores finally stepped in, and then Damon had enough: He told Elena that he was going to kill Matt. She called his bluff, and he snapped Matt's neck. Did Stefan know about the ring? I didn't think so at the time. Elena went to Matt, believing he was gone, and when Damon showed her that he was wearing the resurrection ring, he said she was experiencing joy that her friend wasn't dead. Got ya! I would call it more like relief, but either way, it's a feeling. And Nina Dobrev is such a great crier.

The memories came back to Elena: What she'd done to Matt, Caroline, Bonnie, and that waitress that she actually killed. She started crying, broke the glass in the truck's window, and just generally freaked out. Stefan told her he knew this stage: She had to focus on one thing inside of her that makes her strong and latch on to it. She had to find the thing inside of her that makes her want to live. (I would've asked her then what she was thinking of.) She calmed, and Nina was so good: You could see her finding that one thing. Stefan told Elena to breathe it in and let everything else out. She breathed, she screamed, and she said she wasn't okay but it'll get better. The tears in Paul Wesley's eyes also got me.

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