The Vampire Diaries recap: The Switch

As the boys work on No Humanity Elena, Silas does a number on Caroline and Bonnie strikes a deal
Ep. 21 | Aired May 2, 2013

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Back to Bonnie: She wanted Katherine to give her Silas' headstone, which she assumed Katherine had brought back from the island. Bonnie insisted she hasn't changed sides to Team Silas. In two days, she explained, there'd be a full moon and Silas wanted her to harness its power to drop the veil. Then he'd take the cure and die. She told him she'd help him, and she's been hiding ever since. She wants the headstone and Katherine's help to stop him from unleashing hell on earth. Of course, Katherine asked what's in it for her. Bonnie's answer of "I'll make it worth your while" wouldn't have satisfied me. Bonnie also claimed Silas can no longer get in her head because she can see his true face. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Making up rules as we go!

Elena was burning again, and this time, she launched a verbal assault on Damon. She told him he was right -- she never loved him, it was just the sire bond. We've heard that so much now, I don't know how it has any effect on Damon whatsoever. Elena broke free from her singed rope constraints, pulled back the curtains herself, and set herself on fire. Part of me would have been fine if she killed herself at that moment, but the brothers stopped her. They love her too much to ever really hurt her, Elena said, so what does she have to be afraid of?

Damon couldn't understand why Elena wasn't doing what every other vampire eventually does -- turn on her emotions. Stefan reminded him it's because Elena has NOTHING to come back to. If they weren't going to hurt her, they had to bring in someone who would. Stefan thought of Katherine. Elijah had abandoned her, she's lonely and bored -- why wouldn't she want to help torture Elena for fun?

"Klaus" and Caroline went for a walk in the woods so he could beg her to come to New Orleans and eventually, she realized he was Silas. He was there to threaten her life if she didn't get Bonnie to come out of hiding. I realized in that wide shot of Silas holding Caroline up against a tree how STUPID it is for vampires, who can be killed by wooden stakes, to live in such a heavily forested part of the country. Get thee to a city, Caroline. Also, THIS is how you play Silas, Steven R. McQueen. Joseph Morgan was twisted and terrifying speaking directly into Caroline's ear before he staked her close to her heart.

Back at the Salvatores, Matt and Rebekah were supposed to be studying Italian, but it turned into her trying to sell him on the idea of "taking advantage" of all she has to offer -- the ability to compel him good grades and a scholarship -- so he doesn't get left behind because his friends are time-sucks. Matt didn't want to cheat, but you know, his life has pretty much blown, so I don't think Rebekah was out of line to offer. Katherine arrived to interrupt that heart-to-heart, and Matt stormed off to find Caroline so she could argue with Damon about letting Katherine anywhere near Elena. Caroline awoke in the woods. Though the lighting made it seem like it was all in her mind and she shouldn't have been moving, she got up and ran. She thought she saw Matt, but it was Silas. Then she saw Klaus, but it was Silas, and he threatened to kill the person she loves the most. She phoned her mother to warn her to get home and not let anyone in the house -- not even her since she had her key. Caroline got a glimpse of Silas' real face when he was scaring her as she tried to drive off, right? So by Bonnie's reasoning, shouldn't that have meant he couldn't get into Caroline's mind?

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