The Vampire Diaries recap: Game of Thrones

Klaus gets life-changing news in New Orleans and decides to reclaim his kingdom
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 25, 2013

BIG DADDY Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is going to be a father. [Insert gasp.]

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The next day, Elijah and Sophie were in the cemetery discussing terms. Klaus, she said, should cement his place in Marcel's inner circle. Then they'll hit him where he hurts. If Marcel is smart, he would have seen that Klaus waltzing in to bow down and say Marcel had succeeded where the Original family had failed was a bit out of character. But Klaus gave his blood to cure the bitten vampire and said he'd like to stay in Marcel's city for a while if he's still welcome. He is. Especially if the show gets picked up (we'll find out May 16).

Last we saw Klaus, he was on a street corner and left Caroline a message. He didn't mention he was going to be a daddy. He just said he was standing in his favorite place and hoped one day she'd let him show it to her. That reassured fans that Klaus will not forget about Caroline even though Cami is a bit of a lookalike. Could it also mean Tyler is going to return to Mystic Falls?

Elijah went back to Mystic Falls and told Rebekah the family needs her now, but it's her choice. She decided she owes Klaus nothing, so she's going to stay in Mystic Falls. We still have until May 16, also the date of the season finale, for something to happen that will make her want to head to the Big Easy after all. Patience. Katherine appeared to try to convince Elijah that he, too, owes Klaus nothing. It's their time to go on an adventure, she pleaded. Instead of kissing her lips, he kissed her forehead -- never a good sign -- and told her goodbye. I may have done a happy dance. Are we thinking Elijah and Sophie on the spinoff? Elijah and Hayley (so it'd be like a repeat of Katerina, in a way, with Elijah developing feelings for a woman Klaus merely wants to use)? Elijah and a vampire? Elijah and a human? (They can't have Elijah and Klaus fighting over Cami -- too similar.)

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Damon took a seriously thirsty Elena a blood bag. Only it was tainted with vervain. He's trying to make her angry and scared so she'll feel SOMETHING and turn on her humanity. She tried to leave, and Stefan was there. "You boys want to play games? Go ahead," she said. "Let's see who breaks first, me or you." Stefan entered the cellar and closed the door. That's dark. I like it.

What did you think of the episode? Are you hoping the spin-off goes to series? What did you think of the casting? We didn't see enough of Cami, but I give Marcel and Sophie my stamp of approval. Marcel is the crucial role here. He has to be strong enough to face off against Klaus and Elijah, and Charles Michael Davis totally held his own. He had an energy that filled the screen. I want to see more of him. You know, hear his sob story so we'll feel conflicted about Klaus screwing him over. (And what do the witches think will happen then? How will they keep Klaus in check? Won't he eventually find out what Marcel has on them and try to use it, too? Will they always have magical control over Hayley and the baby's lives?) Your turn. Go!

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