The Vampire Diaries recap: That '70s Show

Damon's trip down memory lane doesn't fool Elena, but Silas gets the better of everyone
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 21, 2013

NEW ATTITUDE Elena (Nina Dobrev) was feeling good from her head to her shoes in New York.

Back in New York, Elena made a move on Damon, telling him she’d never done it on a roof and that he didn’t have to take the high road now because the sire bond isn’t in play. She put her hand in his back pocket, which would have been hot had she not been looking for the sheet of addresses. He knew what she was doing all along, because he’d invented that game.

In the flashback, we saw Lexi wake up and almost burn. Damon had made sure the door wouldn’t open, so she’d have to stay there, hidden in the doorway all day, while he could make his escape. The difference between him and Stefan is simple, he said: “He’s a victim, I choose to be this way.” Dick!

In present day, Damon said he was trying to save Elena from doing the one thing when her emotions were turned off that she can’t take back. When he got his humanity back, Lexi was a walking-talking reminder of all the awful things he’d done. He avoided her until she showed up for Stefan’s birthday that time. With the rush of memories came a rush of guilt. That’s why he killed her. Out of sight, out of mind.

Elena still insisted she’s not taking the cure, and Damon assured her she would, even if they have to break her neck or tie her up till they find it. And snap! Rebekah was there to break his neck. She has such great timing. They smiled at each other. A new alliance has formed.

Bonnie woke up and sweet Stefan was there. She didn’t remember anything after Jeremy trying to pry the cure out of Silas’ hands on the island. Stefan attributed the memory loss to the witches’ work on her mind. Your heart sunk when it became clear that Stefan would have to tell her that Jeremy was dead. Stefan has the worst luck, but really, would you want anyone else to deliver bad news to you?

In the woods, Klaus dug 12 graves for the 12 witches. Nice of him, I thought. Klaus said Caroline could tell herself she did it to save her best friend, but the math doesn’t lie: One life lost is better than 12. It sunk in: “I just killed 12 people,” she said, her face appropriately horrified.

I loved the switch in Klaus’ face. It looked like he was going to help her through compulsion. “You look like you’re in need of comfort,” he said. Then he paused. “Why don’t you find someone less terrible that you can relate to?” DICK. And yet, she deserved it. Caroline left, and Silas appeared face to face with Klaus.

While Elena and Rebekah set off on their girls’ road trip in Damon’s car, Stefan and Damon traded failure stories over the phone. Silas has everything he needs but the cure. Which is why we cut to him pressuring Klaus to get it for him. Klaus laughed and said he wasn’t afraid of him, but then, Shane pulled out the white oak stake, which he’d retrieved having read Rebekah’s mind.

Klaus went after him, but Shane was faster or disappeared, I’m not sure which. Either way, he appeared behind Klaus and stabbed him in the spine, which caused a lot of spitting. He just wanted Klaus to have a little reminder of him. “I’ll be in touch,” he said, walking off.

Well damn, if this guy can get the drop on Klaus, Silas is some serious s---. Now, I care.

What about you? Your turn.

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