The Vampire Diaries recap: That '70s Show

Damon's trip down memory lane doesn't fool Elena, but Silas gets the better of everyone
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 21, 2013

NEW ATTITUDE Elena (Nina Dobrev) was feeling good from her head to her shoes in New York.

While searching professor Shane’s office, Caroline, Klaus, and Stefan traded barbs. Klaus compared the fun he used to have with No Humanity Stefan to that which Damon must be having with No Humanity Elena in New York. Stefan said Damon knew what he was doing – meaning staying on target and not sleeping with Elena. And Klaus said not to underestimate the allure of darkness: Even the purest hearts are drawn to it. CLOSE-UP ON CAROLINE INCASE YOU MISSED IT! This almost made me wish we’d start this love triangle officially: Good Stefan, Bad Klaus, and Conflicted Caroline.

Caroline found a book that revealed that the third sacrifice, following a dozen humans and a dozen demons, had to be a dozen witches. Cut to Silas telling Bonnie that she could bring them back. Caroline was worried that Bonnie would be one of the dozen. No, she’s the one who has to endure the witches fighting back, channeling each other one by one using spirit magic until they’re all linked as one, and then kill them.

Bonnie’s dad came home, and she blew out the windows of the living room -- good special effects! -- to convince her dad that they needed to call her mom and get them witches, a lot of witches. Bonnie certainly took some of the fan heat off No Humanity Elena this week.

Speaking of, we found out Lexi didn’t heal Damon with Bon Jovi concerts (wrong decade) because she could feed with Damon. Flashback to them double-teaming a woman in the club, which is what Damon and Elena did now. He then relinquished his side of the neck to Rebekah. You know Damon wanted to say how hot that was, so why didn’t he? It’s interesting how sometimes the bite kills someone instantly, and other times two vampires can feed on someone for FOREVER and she lives. Elena saw Damon sneak off. He was in Will’s apartment, which kinda looked like a set we’d seen before with more clutter. But let’s go with it.

In the woods, Bonnie met one of her mother’s old witch friends, who brought her entire coven, which was conveniently 11 other people. She said they’d cleanse Bonnie of Expression, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Good luck!

At the bar, the victim did survive -- and no one noticed the three hot girls “making out,” please -- and Rebekah proposed that she and Elena work together since Elena wants rid of the cure and Rebekah wants to take it so she can start her own family someday. Elena shot her down because Rebekah’s hopes and dreams are a variable she didn’t need. Even Rebekah misses the old Elena now.

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