The Vampire Diaries recap: Bring It On

Elena listens to no one, while Klaus strikes a new deal
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 14, 2013

NOT A-W-E-S-O-M-E Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) discussed her new attitude.

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The party at Salvatore Mansion was now in full swing. Stefan was dancing and laughing with Caroline (rewind!), which caught Elena's eye. She seemed jealous, which Stefan pointed out to her. But that would mean she'd have to start feeling something -- nice try, Stefan! She told Caroline to take him out for a spin. Then things took a turn. Liz showed up, no doubt having received complaints about the noise. Elena threatened her, and I again yelled a choice word at my TV. Caroline separated them, then Stefan held Caroline back from going after Elena. Elena bolted.

Stefan said Elena had thrown that party to distract them so she could leave. He told Caroline to search the woods, and he’d take the road. They agreed to snap Elena's neck if they needed to. Damon arrived home and smiled at all the beauties there. He told Rebekah that losing the cure was the best thing that ever happened to her. If she wasn't a vampire, she'd just be ordinary. Ouch. Stefan texted Damon that Elena was AWOL and he needed help.

The brothers arrived just in time to save Elena from staking Caroline after a pretty badass fight sequence in the woods. Caroline is an older vampire and should be more powerful, but Elena's training with Alaric gave her the edge. Elena didn't care that she hurt Liz. She wanted Caroline to turn off her humanity, too, because then she'd stop whining about Tyler leaving her and she wouldn't have to feel guilty for having dirty Klaus thoughts. When the Salvatores stepped in, Damon noted that under other circumstances, Elena fighting another chick would be a major turn on. Classic Damon.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Caroline left Tyler another message and got a text to meet Matt at Tyler's house. Before she left, Stefan gave her that pep talk and made her shake on their deal not to give up on Elena because she never gave up on him. Even though Elena's life sucks, they'll find a reason for her to come back to them. But what will that be if she's willing to kill Caroline, feels nothing for Stefan, and isn't bound to Damon?

In Damon's bedroom, Elena sat impatiently as he looked for something that turned out to be a picture of him and Will. I assume the life mystery he spoke of was how Will knew Katherine. Elena was annoyed that Damon of all people was judging her when he's tried to kill Stefan multiple times. She told him she doesn't care how bad he is now, and that if he were to be honest, he likes her better like this. Again I say, "I don't care how bad you are" isn't the same as "I accept how bad you are," which is what Damon is after. Next time we saw them, they were in his car on their way to New York City. Maybe Damon thinks that's where Katherine is hiding out now if Will was from there.

When Caroline showed up at Tyler's house, she couldn't enter. It's because Tyler had signed the deed over to Matt, who told Caroline that Tyler had sent him a package that included a letter to her. It said he missed her, but as long as Klaus is alive, he can't come home because she won't stop trying to protect him. He left the house to Matt so it would be a place that could protect her. He said he'd always love her. She broke down. She realized he's not coming back. (But are they never, ever, ever getting back together, or does Klaus moving to New Orleans for the spinoff count?)

While Hayley put back on her shirt, Klaus noticed a crescent moon shaped birthmark behind her shoulder. He said he's only seen it on a handful of wolves, all from the same clan that once thrived throughout Louisiana. Family > Tyler. Something tells me the race to find Katherine is about to heat up.

As Damon drove north with Elena, he got a call from Stefan who told him that Sheriff Forbes had said six other blood banks within 30 miles of Mystic Falls had been robbed. Stefan finally said it: Silas had followed them from the island and was gorging on blood. Damon didn't turn around.

What has Bonnie been up to?

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? How would you feel about Stefan and Caroline becoming more than friends? Are you a fan of Klaus and Hayley's arrangement? Is there any way Elena could be super interesting and not at all annoying? (Or is that role called Caroline, and that's why the writers have to take bigger risks with Elena?)

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